Utilizing Marketing Automation for Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a powerful tool that has the potential to considerably fuel lead generation for marketers. With over 1 billion Facebook users and 651 million Twitter accounts, social media connects businesses with a vast sea of clientele. Additionally, it provides companies with a way to make business announcements and interact with clients on a more personal level. With marketing automation, you can take your social media marketing further, reaching more new clients than ever before.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation provides businesses with a way to leverage big data and simplify data analysis. It enables them to gain the marketing insights needed to refocus their campaign on the most lucrative aspects, thus considerably enhancing the potential for lead generation. It can also provide companies with a more complete understanding of their customers. By knowing exactly what makes your customers tick, you can tailor advertisements, emails, and social media posts directly to their interests, thereby strengthening customer relations and building brand loyalty.

How Can Marketing Automation Improve Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has two core aims: to attract new customers and to increase engagement among current customers. Social media allows companies to build a closer, more personal relationship with current customers by engaging them directly through posts and tweets. With marketing automation, you can determine the type of posts that will be the most widely received among clients, allowing you to post only what is guaranteed to drive results. It can help you determine the types of content that customers enjoy the most, the types that generate the most leads, and the types that are most often ignored, so you can tailor your social media engagement to optimize results.

With your social dashboard and automation tools integrated to share information, you can gain comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of your current campaign, the aggregate trends of your projected customer base, and the demographical information of your customers. This enables you to craft a social media marketing campaign that will target the ideal audience and enrapture viewers. It will also allow you to segment your customers based on varying interests, so you can send out customized emails to each segment that are tailored to their particular hobbies or needs. For a company that specializes in more than one product or service, this is essential and will substantially improve the level of engagement among clientele.

Marketing automation Marketing automation will personalize your ads, so customers feel closely connected to your company.

Automate Social Media Ads

Your marketing automation tools will also be able to automatically identify the interests of each individual customer. Say a customer sees an ad for your business and decides to follow you on Facebook. As a company that sells fishing gear, ski equipment, and rock-climbing equipment, you regularly post about all three. This specific customer is only interested in fishing, and if rock-climbing and skiing ads are routinely cluttering up their Facebook feed, they'll likely unfollow you. With marketing automation tools integrated into your social media dashboard, Facebook will soon identify that this customer is interested in fishing but uninterested in rock-climbing and skiing. It will then automatically tailor advertisements to the customer's preferences by only showing them the ads that pertain to your fishing equipment.

Social media is an incredible tool for marketers, and marketing automation can make it even more effective. By providing you better insights into your customers, you can design advertisements with your core demographics in mind. You can also customize a variety of advertisements and emails that are geared toward segmented groups within your customer base, creating a more personalized approach that will generate more leads.

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