Use Marketing Automation to Stay Ahead of These 2016 Social Media Trends

The next year will reveal big things for social media. Some industry experts are predicting that social media will dominate the landscape of digital marketing in the coming years. To remain ahead in your industry and enjoy a lucrative 2016, you need to remain on top of these marketing trends. Marketing automation can help you stay ahead of your social media strategy, so your marketing campaign isn't left in the dust.

Teenagers Are Leaving Facebook in Hordes

The rate of Facebook user engagement among teens has been declining for several years. As of 2012, 42 percent of teens preferred Facebook to other social media platforms, and by 2015, that number dropped to just 15 percent. Instead, teens are opting for Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. For your marketing strategy to remain effective, you need to constantly adapt to new trends and understand what demographics are drawn to each platform. Marketing automation makes it easy to analyze the most up-to-date data and trends, so you can see which types of customers are using each social platform and design your marketing strategy around the dominant user types.

Buy Buttons Will Be Prolific

Social media has become a highly effective platform for building interest in a brand. Now, it's time for companies to turn that interest into sales. By adding a 'Buy Now' button to each advertisement, you can fuel ad clicks and increase conversions.

Instant Updates Are More Important Than Ever

We live in a world of impatience, and efficiency and instant gratification drive the consumer marketplace. Millennials are particularly obsessed with speed and efficiency, so this trend will continue to dominate the 2016 marketing landscape. For marketers, this means you need to spend more time on social media, update your accounts as soon as new information arises, and engage in live video streaming, contests, and other marketing approaches that engage your audience in real time. Marketing automation will make it easier to remain on top of all social media outlets by automating a lot of your updates and posts, so you can conquer more work in less time, while maintaining a pervasive social media presence.

Privacy Is at the Forefront of Customer Concerns

Privacy has always been important, but as social media interest rises, users are becoming more concerned with their rights to privacy. Marketing automation software allows you to gather the personal shopping data and demographic information from your customers, while keeping that data confidential, so you can create personalized marketing campaigns that won't compromise the confidentiality of your customers.

Marketing automation Your customers need to know their information is protected.

Culture and Personality Take Precedence

Customers don't simply care about the product. A great marketing campaign relies on heavily branding the culture and personality of your business, so you can create an intimate shopping experience for every customer. Marketing automation provides the customer insights you need to develop ad campaigns that are tailored to the specific interests of each shopper. The ads that appear in a customer's news feed will cater precisely to their personal hobbies and goals, thus creating a sense of culture, individuality, and personalization.

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