Use Marketing Automation to Personalize Your Emails and Increase Leads

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels for lead generation. Yet, in order to produce leads, businesses need to be approaching their emails with the right frame of mind. Email personalization can greatly increase the potential of an email marketing campaign, allowing businesses to generate more leads with less money.

It Encourages Readership

Humans are obsessed with email, often checking their phones numerous times throughout the day. Yet, this doesn't mean that every email you send will be read or even opened. Despite the fact that email volume is rising, click rates are steadily declining. People are often quick to delete emails that they deem irrelevant, and they are also much more likely to unsubscribe from email lists if they receive too many emails. With marketing automation software, you can get the inside scoop on each customer, allowing you to send your customers emails based on their interests. This will increase the relevance of each email, thus encouraging higher click rates and boosting leads.

It Increases Sales

When you personalize each email, you're sending product recommendations and promotions to people based on their previously verified interests, rather than randomly sending out form emails to thousands of consumers. When customers receive product recommendations and promotions that appeal to their specific interests, they are far more likely to purchase the product. In turn, you'll generate more sales from your emails, while reducing your overall marketing budget.

Your Approach Changes When the Customer Changes

All customers are different, and each different customer is constantly changing, growing, and evolving. With marketing automation software, you can stay on top of customer trends and access current data that provides a complete view of the customer. While a customer may have loved ice skating four years ago, their hobbies today could be completely different. With marketing automation, you'll remain on top of their spending habits, allowing you to monitor changes in their behavior, so you can tailor your emails to their most current interests.

You Can Target Existing Customers

Your company has a much better chance of generating sales among current customers than new customers. Statistics show that companies have about a 5 to 20 percent chance of selling to new customers, whereas they have about a 60 to 70 percent chance of selling to current customers. Email personalization allows you to connect with your existing customers, increase engagement, and raise your customer retention rate. By effectively marketing to existing customers, you'll generate more sales from a smaller marketing budget.

You Can Localize Your Email Strategy

Many products are based upon location, and with marketing automation, you can easily categorize locational data, so each promotion is sent to locations where the products are most applicable. It will also allow you to track customers who have recently moved, so you can update your product recommendations based on their most current location and increase the relevance of each email. It makes seasonal marketing easier as well, since you can automate specific product promotions based on the season and current weather patterns, ensuring each email is applicable to the recipient.

Marketing automation By sending promotions based on personal interests and location, you'll increase sales.

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