Use Marketing Automation to Improve Customer Retention

Roughly 70 percent of businesses report that it's easier and cheaper to retain customers than it is to find new customers. Customer satisfaction improves brand loyalty, so the easiest way to influence customer retention is by providing excellent customer service. With marketing automation, you can improve customer service, which can help to reduce the cost of marketing and increase customer retention.

Automate Your Responses

The larger your business is, the more frequently customers will be reaching out to you for feedback or concerns. Each customer needs an immediate response, so they know their concerns are being taken seriously. Yet, it's impossible to respond to thousands of customer concerns every week. By automating replies, customers can receive a response right away that notifies them a personalized response will be sent at your earliest possible convenience.

Automate Incentives and Rewards

For customers that shop at your store frequently, you can automate incentives and rewards based on specific customer milestones. When the same customer purchases a fixed amount of goods within a set timeframe, you can have automated rewards sent to their email. This not only improves customer satisfaction, but it incentivizes shopping, so you can increase business sales.

Automate Follow-Ups

You can automate follow-up emails to touch base with customers after they have purchased a product. Establish a specific timeframe for all follow-up emails. For instance, if the customer ordered a tent, you can send an initial follow-up within a week of their purchase to ensure the tent arrived as expected. Then, you can automate an additional follow-up within 6 months, so you can determine how the tent has performed up to that point.

Automate a Q&A

You likely have several questions that are asked regularly. By automating responses to common questions, you can respond more punctually to a large percentage of customer concerns, while still addressing everyone's concerns individually.

Marketing automation Marketing automation can help you connect with each customer on a personal level.

Remain Engaged on Social Media

Marketing automation allows you to greatly increase your social media presence. You'll be able to post more regularly, allowing you to increase your connection with your clientele. Social media is great for creating a personable image for your company, which can significantly enhance brand loyalty.

Analyze Customer Data

By regularly analyzing the data of your customers, you can learn more about your projected clientele and design customer service strategies around their needs. You can also analyze the performance of your current customer service policies to see which have proven to be the most effective among customers. In turn, you can create a customer service strategy based around consumer preferences, thus greatly improving the satisfaction of your customers.

Customer service is critical to operating a successful company. No matter how great your business is or how much money you throw into marketing, it will be of little value if your customers aren't happy. Marketing automation can improve your marketing strategy, while also allowing you to create a more effective customer service strategy that boosts customer engagement with your brand, while encouraging brand loyalty. In turn, you'll create a sleeker business model that attracts customers more easily and generates greater profits.

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