Use Marketing Automation Software to Reconnect with Your Customers

Humans are social creatures. They thrive on genuine connection, and forming relationships with others is integral for virtually every facet of life. That's why it's so important for business owners to carefully cultivate personal relationships with each customer. In doing so, you can drop the cold, corporate persona and adopt a welcoming company image that will attract more people to your business. Marketing automation software is an excellent tool for building a company that prioritizes human relationships.

Make Any Sized Business Feel Small

The key to creating a welcoming atmosphere is by building a business that feels small and approachable to customers. Everybody loves that small town, mom-and-pop store experience, where the store owner smiles warmly, asking about your life and family. Customers want the businesses they patronize to know them, not just as numbers or statistics, but as unique individuals. Marketing automation provides a wealth of tools that will help you to dig deep into your data and identify key factors about each customer. You can keep better tabs on the lives of your customers, so each shopping experience will be tailored directly to them.

Listen and Respond to Their Needs

Of course, it isn't always practical to have one-on-one conversations with every customer, particularly if you're operating an online business. That's where data comes in. That data you acquire on each customer will help to track their spending habits, the number of times they visit your store, the products they're most interested in, and more. By tracking this information, you can create product recommendations based on each customer's specific needs. You can also tweak your business model to respond to general shifts in consumer purchasing, so your business is perpetually improving itself based on customer demand.

Marketing automation software With big data, you can give each customer their ideal shopping experience.

Automate Email Engagements

Email engagements can help connect you to customers, while maintaining that engagement over time. You can personalize each email based on their specific data, such as their name and location, so the email feels as though it was crafted just for them. While that may seem tiresome and time-consuming, marketing automation software makes it easy. With marketing automation, you'll have all customer data in a single platform, enabling you to automate emails, while keeping them personal.

Remain Connected Through Social Media

People are engaged with social media, particularly the millennial generation, as it provides a social tool that enables people to remain connected to friends, family, and organizations, at all times of day. Stay up to date with social media and use it as an opportunity to reach out and form individual connections with each customer. People love seeing brands engaging on social media, particularly when they're engaging in clever or humorous ways.

Take Snickers, for instance. JC Penny once tweeted a very obscure, presumably accidental tweet that read "Who kkmew theis was ghiong tob e a baweball ghamle." Snickers was quick to the punch, responding with their famous slogan, "Eat a #SNICKERS, you're not you when you're hungry." The customers loved it, and the tweet soon netted over 3,200 retweets.

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