Use Data Enrichment to Build On What You Have

Let's assume your digital marketing team is great at getting data upfront on new prospects. You have this fantastic lead generation system that starts with a compact and simple lead capture form. Your website conversion rates are high because your form is so easy for prospects to fill out. So, you're getting data, and have high conversion rates, but you keep encountering a data gap. Well, if you've found yourself in this situation then it's critical that you use some data enrichment strategies.

Don't make the all-too-common mistake of assuming that data enrichment simply means improving the quality of your data. That is but one part of the equation. The other parts of the puzzle include making a commitment to leveraging every digital data gathering source at your disposal and focusing on a continuous process of improving the quality of the customer data coming into your business. So, how do you make data enrichment a reality?

Take a Comprehensive Approach

Each of your digital marketing strategies are customer data gathering tools. Your customers' social media channel of choice is a source of continuous data, one where even customer complaints can be leveraged. Your email lead generation strategies provide invaluable feedback on what products and services are most appreciated. Your content marketing is but another source of comprehensive customer data as each prospect that clicks on a call-to-action is another potential data source.

Use everything at your disposal and don't limit your data gathering techniques to just your lead capture forms. Most importantly, tie that data back to your overall marketing strategy by understanding when, why and how that data was gathered. For example, use the search terms used by a given customer segment to modify or improve specific landing pages, email campaigns, digital advertising campaigns and any customer-facing online strategy you employ.

Take your efforts a step further by treating your big data marketing gathering strategies as a continuous feedback loop. Gather data, analyze it, take steps to improve the quality of that data and then do it again.

Link Data to Buyer Personas

All of this data is unique. Different buyer personas respond to different advertisements. They respond differently to different offers. They go about making purchasing decisions at different times and for different reasons. Each interaction you have with a different type of buyer persona is another opportunity to shore up your data. Here are some questions to consider:

• Why do certain buyer personas not purchase?
• Why do some personas return to your website and landing pages time after time and never convert?
• Does this inability to convert point to a problem with a specific landing page for specific personas, or do the search terms used by certain customer personas not match the solution you're offering on that landing page?
• What complaints are most prevalent on social media, and do they seem to originate from a specific type of buyer persona, or are they universal across all personas?

Data enrichment Segmenting customers and buyer personas is a team effort.

Segmentation is Key

Ultimately, data enrichment is a much simpler long-term goal when you embrace customer segmentation and use your different buyer personas to better manage your data. You could start by segmenting customers by the size of their enterprises, their geographical locations, their purchasing patterns, what and when they buy and their appropriate channel within your market. Then you move to tracking and improving the quality of your data by managing it along each of your buyer personas.

Take a long-term view to data enrichment. In the end, your data gets enriched when you give your customers the platform to speak to you. However, that only happens if you improve your data gathering techniques by better understanding the information and feedback your customers provide.

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