Understanding Buyer Personas: The Production Manager and Product Manager

If your business-to-business (B2B) enterprise sells to manufacturers, your offering is geared toward the production manager or product manager. These are your buyer personas. Your marketing automation and digital strategies are aimed at winning over these decision makers. You generate leads and then bring these buyer personas along your buyer's journey until you win their business.

At each stage of the buyer's journey, you are providing focused content and other digital approaches. Each action the buyer persona takes initiates more content. You want to keep them interested, keep them asking for more, and build a relationship in which they see your enterprise as their go-to option. The goal is simple: Get them into their journey, prompt conversion, and then reintroduce them to the buyer's journey again. So, what are some of the major concerns for production managers and product managers?

1. Increasing Production Throughput

The effectiveness of production managers is measured by their ability to increase production with minimal overtime. Your digital marketing strategies should define how your product or service helps these managers meet their production budgets.

Use business whitepapers and customer case studies to generate leads as gated content on social media. Prospects must provide their contact details to access these all-important documents. In this way, you capture leads and keep them engaged with your offer.

2. Lowering Production and Manufacturing Cycle Times

You want to interact with these buyer personas through content and email marketing campaigns that provide more specific detail about how your offering helps them. You may have a B2B solution that helps production managers lower their manufacturing cycle times, or you may have a solution that helps them improve production planning. Ultimately, you continually keep them informed with new content and new information at each stage of their journey, consistently highlighting ways in which your product meets their need.

3. Outlining Definitive Cost Savings of Your Products and Services

One way to keep these buyer personas interested is to use those aforementioned case studies and business whitepapers to show definitive cost savings from your B2B offering. How did your offering lower cycle times? How did lowering cycle times help a client increase volumes in manufacturing? What were the savings that resulted from that increase?

Your whitepapers and case studies are the perfect platform to broadcast your successes. However, you can also generate leads with digital text advertisements that state what your average customer has achieved in savings through your offers. Focus on appealing to the major concerns of these personas and you will generate leads.

Generate leads

4. Minimizing Turn Around Times (TAT) on Orders

The more time you save for production managers, the more time they save overall. Your marketing automation platform should keep these buyer personas up-to-date with your overall turn-around-times (TAT) on orders. You can also include your net promoter score (NPS) across your industry within your digital strategies.

The goal here is to show these buyer personas just how good your enterprise is. Yes, you want to generate leads. However, you also want to keep these personas moving along their journey. Showcasing your accomplishments is one vital way of doing that.

Use your digital marketing, content marketing, and email campaigns to generate leads. Once the lead is generated, move these buyer personas along their journey with additional content and advertising, each time pushing them along until you have won their business.

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