Understanding Buyer Personas: The Engineering Manager, Designer, and Project Manager

Buyer personas are the decision makers on which your sales and marketing team focus when looking to generate leads. These are the individuals who determine the criteria for vendor acquisition. They consume your content, click on your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, and visit your landing pages. How well you know your buyer personas determines how successful your digital marketing strategies are at lead generation.

Not all buyer personas have the same drivers. They are each guided and governed by different reasons and concerns, and they all have a different set of criteria for dealing with your company. Outlining your buyer personas is the first step when looking to generate leads.

Engineers, project managers and field-service technicians are one group of buyer personas your company must understand if it wants to be successful selling industrial finished goods or commercial services. So, what makes these buyer personas tick? More importantly, how do you address these individuals so you generate leads and get more conversions?

Budget Constraints

Every design engineer, project or product manager has budget constraints. They are all concerned with cost overruns. Some engineers will share their budget details, which makes capturing that market data critical. You do not need to have an exact number. If you have managed to secure a budget value from one of these buyer personas, then it is not difficult to define a comparative budget for another project of similar size with another customer.

Time Constraints

Cost overruns are often driven by a product or project's timeline. Penalties are often assessed for any project not finished on time. Product managers and engineers must also deal with product-to-market lead times. Ultimately, each of these buyer personas must manager their time effectively. They may use a Gantt chart or project management software. Either way, delivering what you promise on time, every time, is vital to winning the confidence and trust of these personas. 

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Quality and After-Sales Service Support

No engineer wants to bring on a vendor with poor after-sales service and support. Appealing to this concern comes down to defining the history of your enterprise, its successes, its abilities to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations, and the strength of your after-sales service. If you can demonstrate that you are a vendor that is here to stay, and that you will work with them every step of the way, then you will be able to alleviate this common concern and generate more leads.

Engineering Competencies and Experience

You must be able to back up your product or service offering with some engineering competencies of your own. These buyer personas need to trust that their vendors know what they are doing. In many cases, they might need to hear that their approach or design needs refinement. They want a partner they can trust. They want a team that provides invaluable insight. Do not be afraid to tout your own engineering capabilities and always position your enterprise as a solutions-provider.

Understanding these buyer personas is the best way to ensure that your digital marketing strategies are focused on the right pressure points. These personas are used to multi-tasking and benefiting from collaborative efforts. Position your business as their all-important partner and you will generate leads and increase business.

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