Understanding Buyer Personas: The Business Owner, CEO and High-Level Executive

A strong understanding of your buyer personas is essential to digital marketing success. Your marketing data defines who these personas are, what drives them, and what your company must do to get them to buy. Clarifying your buyer personas is the first step to making your inbound marketing strategies work, so it makes sense to take some time to get it right.

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Few buyer personas are more intimidating to salespeople than the business owner, CEO or other high-level executive. These professionals are experienced, driven to succeed, extremely intelligent, and skilled at negotiations. Selling to these personas is a difficult task for any salesperson, but good digital strategies can ease the journey. Such strategies can make that first call less of a cold call and more of a warm call. Here are some of the more common buyer persona traits of the business owner, CEO and high-level executive.

Market-Driven Concerns: These buyer personas always look at the big picture. They're concerned with their company's market position, market share, their product development initiatives, their online reputation, and how their own customers see them. If you have marketing data that shows them your product or service can give them a leg up on their competition, then you're going to get their attention.

Cost Concerns: These buyer personas are less concerned about the sticker price of your product and more concerned about their cost of ownership. What does it cost to own your product and to bring you on board as a vendor? What hidden costs are there when dealing with your company?

Don't try to appeal to these individuals with the lowest common denominator. Price alone won't get it done. Show them how your company can help them reduce costs. Show them how your product can address their specific pain points. Avoid price and focus on the savings that come from dealing with your company over the long term.

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Quality Concerns: Business owners don't want to deal with a company with sub par quality. They're not interested in working with a vendor that can't stand behind his or her own product. This is where your marketing data comes in handy. If you can show a business owner or CEO just how satisfied your existing customer base is, then they're more likely to entertain your offer. Focus on your low product return rates and stellar reputation in your market.

Value Concerns: High-level executives are always concerned about the value of your offer. How will working with you benefit their company? How will they benefit personally? What concern will you be able to alleviate? How will their company be perceived once they bring you on board? Are there any risks to dealing with your company?

Granted, there are a lot of questions to answer. However, your focus has to be on the value your company is bringing to the table and that value must speak to the heart of these buyer personas.

Your marketing data has all kinds of details about the concerns that business owners, CEOs, and high-level executives have in your market. Go deep and define the unique characteristics of these professionals. Success means you'll be able to provide focused messaging that speaks directly to the subjects that really matter to these buyer personas.

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