Tweets and the C-Suite

Not long ago I read a post at Minute with the Marketing Maven that addressed the question of whether or not executives should represent their organizations when Tweeting. You can find the full post here, but its author, Heather Reid, presented some fairly convincing statistics from Brandfog's 2012 CEO Social Media and Leadership Survey in favor of C-level leaders driving a Twitter account:

  • When asked what benefits C-Suite engagement in social media can lead to, 78% cited Better Communication and 71% stated improved Brand Image as the biggest positive benefits.
  • 82% of respondents were more likely or much more likely to trust a company whose CEO and leadership team engage with social media.
  • 77% of respondents were more likely or much more likely to buy from a company whose values and mission are defined through CEO and executive leadership participation on social media.

While the data certainly indicates brands benefit from leadership  social media participation, I do wonder if the question is quite as cut and dry. I also wonder if the summary might be accurately stated as brands benefit from a high quality of leadership social media participation. What do you think? Does your leadership team represent your brand through social media or does that interaction live in marketing, customer care, or somewhere else?

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