Top Marketing Trends of 2016: How Marketing Automation Will Keep You In the Lead

An effective marketing approach should be constantly changing in order to continuously adapt to current industry trends and consumer habits. Marketers can get a head start on the new year by educating themselves on the various marketing predictions of 2016. By bracing yourself for the trends, you can begin altering your marketing strategy in preparation, and gain some needed leverage over your competition in the new year. Marketing automation can help you remain ahead of your competition by offering your company with better insights, predictions, and information regarding your customers.

Building Stronger Relationships with Customers

Gone are the days where brand loyalty was contingent solely on the products and services of a company. In a marketplace as fiercely competitive as today's, customers have too many options available to them to be loyal to a company due to products alone. Instead, customers also seek convenience, customer service, and connection to the companies they patronize. In 2016, marketers should be more focused on connecting and building relationships with clients than ever before.

With custom mobile apps, phenomenal customer service, personalized email marketing, and customer involvement, businesses can remain ahead of their competition and experience more brand loyalty. Marketing automation allows businesses to see the pros and cons of their current customer service approach, while also identifying the areas that are lacking, so they can cultivate a business model that prioritizes the desires of customers.

Apps Will Grow More Powerful

Apps already have a strong influence in society, and businesses that lack a mobile app are likely trailing behind. However, mobile apps are predicted to become even more influential in the coming year, and businesses need to offer their consumers a variety of useful and engaging apps that will keep them connected with the company. With marketing automation, you can gain the insights needed to determine the most relevant and useful apps needed by your customers, allowing you to craft apps that will entice the public and keep them involved with your business.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile usage has hit an all-time peak, exceeding desktop usage considerably. According to Google, mobile usage takes precedence in ten major countries, including the U.S. and Japan, both of which compose a tremendous part of the global consumer marketplace. To remain ahead, websites need to be responsive, as well as attractive and easy to navigate on all mobile devices. Similarly, online advertisements need to cater to mobile devices in order to reach the vast purchase power that mobile web browsing offers.

Marketing automation To stay ahead in 2016, marketers need to focus less on desktops and more on mobile.

The Price for Ads Will Increase

As the marketplace grows even more competitive the cost of advertising will inevitably rise in the new year. As demand on ad space increases, the price tag follows suit. Successful marketing relies on spending the least amount of money to generate the highest number of leads. With marketing automation, businesses can increase lead generation by creating a more successful and informed marketing strategy. As the price per ad goes up, this will be more important than ever, and it will enable you to offset the increasing price of ad space by creating more leads with your current marketing budget.

Marketing is constantly in a state of flux as the customers, competition, and industry continue to change. To be prepared for the coming year, marketers need to make customer service a priority, put ample time into mobile app development, and ensure they're equipped to reach mobile demographics. In addition, businesses need to brace themselves for the increased expenses in advertising, as the growing competition for keywords will naturally cause price hikes across industries. With marketing automation, you can enhance your customer service and build apps based upon consumer trends, all while decreasing the cost per lead, allowing you to rise above your competition and stay ahead in the coming year.

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