Top 2016 Digital Marketing Predictions from Leading Businesses

The coming year will reveal some major changes in the ways businesses approach digital marketing. To ensure your marketing campaigns are catering to consumer trends, your business needs to remain ahead of all anticipated changes. Here are some of the major changes to digital marketing that leading businesses are predicting.

Marketing Automation Will Be a Necessity

It's estimated that marketers spend roughly half of their time devoted to generating the content for their marketing strategies. This has led to an increased need for efficiency, and marketing automation can save people a lot of time. By automating email blasts, social media posts, and SMS ads, marketers can spend less time on their ad campaigns and more time cultivating their strategy.

Relationship Marketing Will Be Critical

Marketers often focus the bulk of their time on sourcing new customers, but marketing to current customers is cheaper and can produce better returns. Relationship marketing focuses on building relationships with the customers you already have, so you can strengthen customer retention and build brand loyalty.
Relationship marketing can be achieved through enhancing customer service, increasing direct communication with customers, engaging more on social media, and providing a personalized shopping experience. By segmenting your customer data, you can launch ad campaigns that are customized to each unique customer by tailoring each group of advertisements to the interests of its recipients. This helps to build a stronger bond between the brand and the customer, thus strengthening loyalty and increasing sales.

Businesses Will Need to Develop More Interactive Videos

The benefits of video marketing are obvious. They provide a clear, engaging message to consumers that are more likely to be absorbed and retained than basic content. Interactive videos are even more effective, as they encourage the audience to directly engage with the video, thus enhancing their retention of the content, while propelling their desire to take action. Interactive videos can engage with customers through the use of quizzes, games, and custom ad selections. It is an ideal way to build brand awareness because the act of engaging with the advertisement helps to etch your brand into the minds of the audience.

Location-based Marketing Will Be More Important

Location-based marketing relies on RFID chips that utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to the devices of consumers. The chips can be strategically placed around a store to provide information to customers as they shop, while also collecting data on your customers. When a customer is in range of an RFID chip, the chip can send coupons, promotions, and advertisements directly to the customer's phone, with each promotion based on the products that the customer is currently exploring.

Digital marketing Location-based marketing can fuel leads by targeting customers in real-time.

In 2016, marketers will need to step up their game in order to continue to receive the same number of returns from their campaign. The expectations of customers are constantly growing, and it takes more to win the minds and hearts of consumers than ever before. With marketing automation software, you can automate a lot of your regular workload, allowing you to focus more on your strategy to improve leads.

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