Tips for Boosting Lead Conversion on Landing Pages

Are your landing page conversion rates sinking while you struggle to find out the reasons why? What can you do to reverse the decline? Here are some brilliant tweaks that you can put to use to force those conversion rates back up where they belong.

It's Not About Length, It's About Quality

Landing pages have to be kept short! Don't forget to add this and that and more to your landing pages! What's the deal? The fact is, there are stellar landing pages that are super short and some that are lengthy and meaty and still do well. The key is to focus on quality and let the length take care of itself. Include enough to answer questions that inhibit conversion, but not so long that readers get bored and wander off.

Spruce Up the Form Section

Landing pages Bring attention to the form with graphics, color, icons, or other visual techniques. Make it so prominent that it literally calls to the reader to fill it out.

Does the form stand out on the page, or does it blend into the background like it's shrinking from public attention? Does it have too much going on? People are getting used to online lead forms to get information, and most people are happy to subscribe to quality content and offers. However, like anything, the first impression is most important. If the form looks sketchy, asks too much or doesn't work properly, people will bounce from the landing page.

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