The World of Content Marketing Is Changing: Is Your Business Ready?

Content marketing isn't what it used to be. Ranking and leads are no longer determined by generic SEO content. The future of content will need to take an entirely new approach, and in order for your content strategy to continue to generate leads, it needs to adapt to the coming trends that will shape future website content.

You'll Need More Staff Members Involved

If your content strategy relies on a single writer, you'll likely crash and burn in the coming years. In order for content to be effective, you need to develop a team of marketers that are working together for a common aim. While some members will be devoted solely to writing, others will devote themselves to data analysis that can help devise a direction and strategy for the content. Marketing automation tools provide a single platform to manage all customer data, while offering comprehensive tools that aid in data analysis, so your team can create a more effective strategy that will boost leads and conversions.

Your Content Team Needs to Meet Regularly

Collaboration will be critical in the coming years. According to information collected by the Content Marketing Institute, 61 percent of the most effective content marketing teams meet a minimum of once per week. By meeting regularly, teams can stay connected, share information, and keep each other up to date. To ease the time constraints of regular meeting times, use marketing automation software. With a consolidated, cloud-based platform that stores all customer data, your marketing team can share information easily, no matter their location. This will enhance collaboration, while reducing the need for face-to-face meetings.

You'll Need to Put More Effort into Content Than Before

It's predicted that, in the coming years, many brands will fall behind in their content strategies, due to both a lack of effort and a lack of knowledge. Generic content will no longer be a useful way to build an audience, and you need to put more effort into creating compelling, original, and educational stories for readers. You also need to be more consistent with posting, as it has been shown that a lack of consistency results in a decline in readership. With marketing automation tools, you can gain a better view of the customer, allowing you to get inside their heads and learn what makes them click. This will make it easier to write compelling content that resonates directly with the audience, thus building readership and increasing conversions.

Content marketing You need to take a caring and personalized approach to content.

Social Media and Content Marketing Will Merge

Up until now, content marketing and social media marketing have been largely separate ordeals. However, social media marketing is becoming more important to a content strategy than ever before. Social media posts can now appear in search engines alongside website listings, so a single Tweet can help to power your SEO strategy. Social media platforms will also offer more publishing options to users. Facebook recently released Instant Articles, which allows users to publish content immediately on their platform. With marketing automation tools, you can efficiently manage all of your marketing channels simultaneously, making it easy to merge your content strategy with your social media presence.

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