The CMO Corner—Establishing Thought Leadership

Every company wants to claim ownership of that mystical quality called thought leadership.  It’s hard to come by, hard to quantify, and hard to get along without.  For small and early stage companies, it is one thing that gives that stamp of credibility when you have great products and services, but lack the scale of a big company.

ReachForce has established strong leadership in the broad field of B2B marketing lead data management.  I am looking to leverage six pools of resources to build thought leadership within our product category:

  1. Marketing staff. Everyone in marketing needs to make contributions to our thought leadership.
  2. Broader staff. Don’t try and recruit an army.  Find two or three individuals in your consulting or product development group who can make an occasional contribution.
  3. Partners. Many partners have consultants who are looking for opportunities to contribute.  They have direct contact with customers and can bring great stories to your mix.
  4. Third party experts. While expensive, working with a couple of industry pundits or analyst organizations can highlight your other content.
  5. Customers. Customers can tell stories about their success.  I will devote a future blog post just to this topic.
  6. The C-Suite. Having your C level executives speak on industry topics contributes to thought leadership and builds their brand as well.

In the same way that we now manage a revenue funnel, we manage a supply chain funnel for our thought leadership and content.  Having a specific schedule of when you will need content and who is lined up to deliver is a great way to ensure that you will have a flow of ideas to deliver to the marketplace.

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