The CMO Corner - Building a Differentiated Message

90% of small companies start out without much thought about message.  They either identify an audience that needs something (good probability of success but probably not a quick homerun) or they have a great product idea that is so good that it blows away the market with a whole new approach (think Google).  To grow, companies begin to think strategically and one of the key turning points is awareness of the importance of building broad relationships with customers.

ReachForce has done a great job of identifying an audience with a need—B2B marketers who understand the need for better data.  We have developed some of the very best technology in the world to meet that need.  One of my first challenges at ReachForce is devising and executing amarketing strategy that begins to build the need for a broader and more extended ReachForce relationship.  Our new messaging will emphasize our broad solution and look at the multitude of needs that we can address.  Watch our website for the emerging story!

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