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As the first senior marketing executive at an early stage technology company, the demands for urgent attention are without end.  Even in a very successful company, marketing is often playing catch-up with the rest of the organization.  All of the “classics” are in abundance—better website, better messaging, more social media activity, more lead gen, etc.,etc.)  I have never been at a small company that did not have a voracious appetite for what marketing can do for the sales team.  In my blogs over the next few months, I will spend a lot of time on the classics.

But I start today with a bit different starting point—dog food.  That’s right, we need to eat our own and be proud of how it tastes.  No matter what a company does, they should be able to tell a story about how good their own dog food is.  Now fortunately it has been over 50 years since I ate my pet dog’s food, but I do have a lot of very positive experience in leveraging what we build to sell more of it to prospects.

While a GM at Siebel, I was a part of a very successful program that was called Siebel @ Siebel.  We demonstrated just how effective the Siebel CRM suite was in managing customers and acquiring new ones.  (But not effective enough to avoid being bought by Oracle!)

While we have been effectively using our own data solutions at ReachForce, we need to create a real showcase of how we drive our own lead generation efforts.  Now that we have a bigger team and more resources, showing off our own capabilities will be one of my priorities.  I want to have my best reference right across the hall from me!  I will certainly keep all of you up to date on our progress.

I am especially excited to get going with this effort.  Managing data has been the common denominator of my career.  As marketing automation has become a given for any serious B2B marketer, solutions that add value to core technology investments will be central to marketing differentiation in the future.  Thousands of companies have marketing platforms just like yours, but only one company has your data, so put it good use like we do.  When I got my first direct marketing job at Donnelley Marketing in 1990, their motto was simply, “It’s the data stupid.”  Amazing how old truths still work today.

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