The Time Spent on Routine Tasks: How Much Time Is Your Team Wasting?

How much time is your team wasting on routine marketing tasks? Within any marketing campaign, there is inevitably countless odds and ends which consume the workday of employees, while actually contributing little to the campaign as a whole. As minuscule and simplistic as these tasks may be, they're all important parts of the overall campaign and can't be done away with completely. Even so, there are a lot of ways you can whittle down on wasted time and improve the productivity of employees.

The Endless Odds and Ends of Marketing

Marketing campaigns entail a number of odds and ends, from editing advertisements, formatting, HTML, and more. Some of the more common nuisances that marketers face include:

• Formatting advertisements,
• Responding to repetitive inquiries,
• Sending follow-up emails or responses,
• Posting multiple social media posts daily,
• Building and maintaining marketing lists,
• Editing and cleaning up marketing lists,
• Collecting and organizing data,
• And monitoring trends in data.

These are just some of the frequent time-wasters that marketing teams are subjected to. While they may seem trivial on a case-by-case basis, omitting even one of these from your strategy can have crippling effects.

How Much Time Are Marketers Wasting?

A recent survey was conducted among business owners, geared toward assessing the efficiency of their marketing strategy. The survey found that about 90 percent of managers spent time on administrative tasks that were independent from their ascribed workplace functions. About 80 percent reported that they were relying on inefficient, manual methods for conquering basic marketing tasks. It's these manual processes that are sucking the time out of the workday and providing businesses with little value in return. Yet, surprisingly, many companies still rely heavily on manual processes, even for the most mundane and simplistic of tasks.

Improving Efficiency with Technology and Automation

Efficiency should be the core goal of every business model. In fact, it forms the very fabric of human innovation. When foraging for food was too laborious, humans invented agriculture. When artisan craftsmanship wasn't producing the desired results, the industrial revolution swept the world. So why, in an era known for its technological innovation, are so many businesses still manually carrying out tasks? With the help of automation software, your team can improve the efficiency of your marketing strategy by eliminating tedious manual labor and automating many of the daily tasks that are slowing your company down.

Data management software Efficiency is key for gaining a lead over competitors.

Use a Database Management Platform and Eliminate Wasted Time

According to WebProNews, the average marketing team is spending about 16 hours per week on routine tasks. About 3.55 hours are spent simply collecting and organizing data. With a big data management platform, this number can be greatly reduced. Data management platforms make it easy and efficient to collect and organize data, while offering tools to automatically cleanse data multiple times per year. It also offers a single platform where marketing teams can gather and store data from multiple departments in a single place, providing one source of truth that will increase the accuracy and usefulness of data analysis.

A data management platform will also enable you to automate many common marketing tasks, like social media updates, inquiry responses, and email blasts. Managing marketing lists is greatly simplified, as you can utilize automated cleansing software that will identify incomplete datasets and work to eliminate duplicates or outdated data. Not only will it enable you to automate menial work, thus eliminating wasted time, but it will improve the accuracy, quality, and reliability of your data as well.

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