The Secret Marketing Strategies of Top-Name Businesses

Ever wonder about the secret to success? Or how the top-name businesses earned their ranking in the world? Well, fortunately, those secrets aren't so heavily guarded. In fact, many CEOs are happy to share their insider secrets to success. Here are some of the top marketing tips, straight from the mouths of successful CEOs.

Take a Systematic Approach

Organization is everything in the business world, and the best business leaders are often the most strategic and meticulous. According to Jay Henderson, the Director of Strategy at IBM ExperienceOne, marketers need to approach channel marketing strategically. There are countless channels available to advertise through, with new channels popping up by the day.

However, not every channel is as useful as others, and in order to approach channel marketing effectively, marketers need a structured plan for assessing the quality and impact of each channel. Start by weeding out the obvious underperformers and then use your data to determine which channels are most effective at producing leads. From there, you can develop a consistent plan for marketing that prioritizes your highest performing channels.

Use Real-Time Marketing

If there is anything big brands are great at, it's marketing in real time. Real-time marketing is an effective way to reach customers, and it can greatly increase sales. Big brands have found ways of injecting their messages into massive events like the Super Bowl and Olympics, but there are practical ways that small businesses can leverage this trend as well, albeit on a smaller scale. Find ways to weave your brand into everyday conversations, such as leveraging social media to connect with customers directly. Connect your products or services to local events or holidays to continually create a buzz around your brand.

Access Better Data and Insights Than Competitors

It's no secret that in order to vanquish the competition, you need to remain one step ahead of them. You can do this by ensuring all of your data and insights are of top quality. Robert F. Bruner, Dean of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, claims this is the most crucial factor in taking the lead among competitors. One way to improve data analysis is by using marketing automation tools. Then you can remain on top of data organization, increase the quality of data, and access tools that aid in better insights.

Market from the Perspective of Your Customers

Marketing automation tools To create ads that appeal to customers you need to take a walk in their shoes.

For a sales pitch to be effective, it needs to be worded and presented in a way that will resonate with the customer. Thus, designing ads from the lens of the customer is the most effective method. Brent Walker, the CMO of C2B Solutions, says that businesses often make the fatal error of assuming customers see things in the same way that their marketing team does. In turn, they're creating ads that appeal to their business, rather than the customer. By analyzing customer data, you can get an inside glimpse into the minds of your customers, allowing you to design a marketing strategy around their specific preferences.

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