The Role Big Data Marketing Plays in Customer Case Studies

Business-to-business (B2B) customers love customer case studies. They love the detail these studies provide. They love the research, investigative approaches, and the ways companies position their product as the solution of choice. Customer case studies provide invaluable insight on best business practices, while also allowing big data marketing teams to outline the overall returns when buying the company's product.

Most companies don't take their B2B case studies seriously. They don't systematically outline the customer's main problem or its root cause. They fail to set up the reader for success. They don't provide nearly enough details.

A better approach is needed, one that goes deeper and one that outlines all the positives of a given purchase. So, what is the role big data marketing plays in customer case studies?

1. Clearly Define the Problem

Focus on a common problem throughout your market, one with which all customers can identify and one that all customers would love to remove as a going concern. This is where you input data and statistics to support the severity of the problem. Your big data marketing team should have enough data to clearly outline the problem. They should also show how your market has dealt with the problem in the past. The goal is to set up your product later on in the document as a better solution.

2. Outline the Problem's Impact for the Customer

How did this problem impact this specific customer? How did it affect their bottom line? Focus on how this problem impacted the customer's business. If your case study represents multiple customers, then summarize those problems in point form. This is where your big data marketing team comes in handy by providing a big picture view of how these problems affect your entire industry.

3. Define Your Company's Product or Service

Don't oversell yourself. Don't go overboard with all the bells and whistles that come from trying to showcase how your product alleviates these concerns. Simply outline what your product does, how it came to be, and then provide an overall write-up about the product's lifecycle. This might include why the product was designed, its natural progression and introduction to market all the way to its current incarnation.

Big data marketing B2B case studies produce all kinds of referrals.

4. Tie in Your Offering to a Customized Solution

This is the portion of the case study where you position your product as the solution to your customer's problem. Outline how your customer's management team benefited from your solution. Itemize the direct payoffs. If your case study is on a group of companies, then outline the overall benefit for all involved. Make sure you back up your claims with verifiable data. Your big data marketing team should be able to piece together an infographic or table that showcases the direct benefits of your solution.

5. End with a Definitive Statements of Benefits

Let your customer or customers speak for your company. Incorporating customer quotes and attributing them to specific individuals will help your readers arrive at the desired conclusion on their own. The biggest mistake companies make is to oversell themselves throughout the case study. Let your success speak for itself.

B2B customers need access to different customer case studies. Your big data marketing team has the resources and data you need to piece together a case study your entire market will appreciate. Use it properly, and it will become a continuous source of leads.

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