The Need for Data Visualization: How to Get More from Your Analytics

Many businesses are using big data but are finding it challenging to get the insights they need from analysis. Big data analysis is complicated, time-consuming, and can be frustrating, leaving many business owners wondering if there is a better way. Data visualization is a crucial tool for delving deeper into your data analysis and enhancing the quality of insights. Here are some tips to improve data visualization, while simplifying the process of analysis.

What Is Data Visualization?

Data visualization refers to the process of representing data in visually appealing ways, such as through the use of charts and graphs. It's important because it can help marketers make sense of big data and provide a clearer method of conveying that data for others, such as when you're preparing reports or presenting a business pitch to investors.

Use Jargon Sparingly

The business world is obsessed with jargon, but it turns out, not all investors feel the same way. In fact, according to the Financial Times UK, female investors are particularly averse to jargon and are more likely to avoid investment opportunities when excessive jargon is used. It's also not beneficial for your marketing team. A poll conducted on employees throughout the UK found that about 42 percent of employees think that jargon leads to confusion of roles and prefer to approach their work without jargon.

Even those well-versed in jargon can still interpret information more quickly when it's presented in plain terms. Jargon is convoluted, confusing, and oftentimes vague, so it provides little value to your data analysis. By using jargon sparingly, you can actually improve the efficiency of analysis while making the data representations more appealing to both employees and investors.

Use Colors Wisely

Many think that the more colorful the graph is, the more attractive it will be, thus improving interpretation. However, colors can quickly become convoluted. Use as few colors as possible, sticking to shades that are easy on the eyes, as opposed to the neon colors that grow tiresome to look at. Remain consistent in your colors across all graphs. If the color blue is routinely associated with customers and the color green is routinely associated with profits, then changing that suddenly will throw off your marketing team and could result in inaccurate interpretations.

Eliminate Waste

To ensure exceptional visibility from your data presentations, it's important to eliminate waste in advance. Carefully sort through the datasets you're organizing, and eliminate any aspects of the data that don't lend to your overall objective. For instance, if you're creating a graph to depict the spending habits of your shoppers, you can eliminate any data that's irrelevant to that purpose, such as demographic information or location-based data.

Database management systems Keep data clean and organized to improve visualization.

Improve Data Visualization with Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software provides a complete database management system that enables you to manage your data more easily. It comes equipped with a variety of visualization tools that allow you to break apart data, analyze core sets, and present the data in attractive ways that are easy to digest and compelling to investors. With marketing automation, you can simplify data analysis, while improving the quality of insights by gaining access to cutting-edge visualization tools to facilitate analysis.

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