The Care and Feeding of Your Marketing Automation Engine

Not long ago I found a piece of research from Forrester regarding marketing automation best practices and one nugget caught my attention. Consider the following:

“Marketing leaders typically don’t appreciate that automation makes them a database marketing business, and database marketing requires a continuous effort to run campaigns and maintain an accurate, robust marketing database.


The research goes on to say that while establishing a full-time resource to manage sales force automation (SFA) systems and data is standard practice, most organizations simply don't think of marketing automation in the same way.

While your marketing automation system can be as basic or complex as your needs require, these tools provide a massive amount of options and functionality you can leverage in your campaigns through every stage of the buying cycle. But, according to this research, most organizations simply aren’t providing the support to really leverage them.

Why is that?

I’d love to get your feedback here. Is your organization making the most out of your marketing automation system? Do you have dedicated resources helping to ensure that you do? Or are you like most – wearing multiple hats, doing more with less, and getting it done between the dozens of other things that make up your day?

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