The Art of Digital and Big Data Marketing

The term for those who take raw data (typically big data), analyze it, and deliver useful insight from it is a 'data scientist'. So far, there haven't been any job listings on for a 'data artist'. But big data marketing is not just a science. As you're about to see, it's also an art form. Here is how the savvy marketer can perfectly balance art and science to deliver a powerful punch with data.

Refusing to Ignore Your Instincts

Sometimes, what the data says and what you know to be true are not the same thing. A scientist will go with what the data spews out, failing to balance the data analytics with something marketers have depended on successfully for eons: their gut instincts. When the data analysis yields a result that goes against everything you know about human nature and marketing, it could be a sign that there's more to the story than what the data says. Don't ignore that internal voice yelling at you to double check the facts.

Backing Up 'Gut Feeling' With Hard Facts

Where the data does come in is to check your gut instincts with reality. It's one thing to know that the analytics have delivered a misinterpretation of the facts, it's another thing to ignore the facts entirely. Sometimes it is necessary to cleanse the data or tweak the algorithms to get the right results out of big data. Depending only on the analytical results or relying solely on your gut instincts are both ill advised.

Taking the Data and Knowing What to Do With It

Big data When the data looks all wrong, your gut instinct kicks in and let's you know it.

There are lots of factors that can throw off your data. Duplicate records, incomplete records, and confusing online profiles are just a few things that can skew your analytical results. For instance, your customers use multiple online profiles, making it hard to track them as they move among their desktop, tablet, and smartphones. That's why the hard data always needs to be checked by the marketer's artistic side and gut instincts. The art has to back up the science, and the science has to back up the art. It's a two way street, and neither the scientist nor the artist is safe to cross alone.

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