The 25 Most Surprising Marketing Automation Stats

The marketing automation industry has been growing at unprecedented rates. Given the incredible value it provides businesses, its success is far from surprising. Here are some of the most critical marketing automation stats that reflect a surge in adoption and use, as well as the overall user experience.

Industry Growth

1. Between 2009 and 2014, revenue for marketing automation grew by $1.1 billion, starting at just $100 million in 2009.
2. As of 2015, the net worth of the marketing automation industry has reached $1.62 billion.
3. In August of 2011, there were only 100 different marketing automation software applications to choose from. As of 2014, there were 947 different software applications.
4. Approximately 142,700 businesses were using marketing automation as of 2015.

Email Marketing

1. Targeted emails can create about 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.
2. A personalized email receives about 14% more leads and 10% more conversions than a generic email.
3. Of marketing automation users, about 9% claim the best benefit is the enhanced email marketing.

Adoption Rates

1. Of the top performing companies, roughly 79% have been using marketing automation software for at least two years.
2. The software and Internet industries are by far the most likely to choose marketing automation software, composing about 12% of all sales.
3. About 49% of all B2B companies rely on marketing automation.
4. By 2014, there were 11 times more B2B companies using marketing automation than in 2011.
5. In all non-technology related fields, only about 3% of businesses use marketing automation.
6. About 76% of the leading SaaS companies in the world rely on marketing automation.
7. Only 3.69% of the top 10,000 websites utilize marketing automation.

Marketing automation The healthcare industry composes about 4% of all marketing automation sales.

Customer Experience

1. About three-quarters of all companies that implemented marketing automation were able to complete the implementation process in under 6 months.
2. Companies that apply marketing automation to its greatest potential are able to achieve approximately 50% more leads, while spending about 33% less money on marketing.
3. In the year 2013, 91% of all new marketing automation customers were using marketing automation for their first time.
4. Of those that have applied marketing automation most effectively, 91% polled claimed the software was "very important" to the success of their marketing campaign.
5. 36% of users agree that automating repetitive tasks, thus freeing up time, has been the most critical benefit.
6. 30% of users said that the enhanced marketing and lead generation is the greatest benefit.
7. About 8% said that the best perk of marketing automation was that it minimized the potential for human error.
8. About 61% of users said marketing automation increased their quantity of leads.
9. Approximately 60% of users said the software increased the quality of their leads.
10. About 28% of users said the software increased their revenue per sale.
11. Roughly 46% of users said cost was the most important aspect when buying the software, while 39% said that ease-of-use was the most important to them.

Marketing automation is a rapidly growing industry, and the market statistics are evidence of that. While the vast majority of businesses that use marketing automation are in technology-related fields, the software is beginning to catch on in other areas of business as well. Of companies that have implemented marketing automation, the results have been overwhelmingly favorable. Most companies cite that task automation and lead generation are the most appealing qualities, while cost of ownership and ease-of-use are the two biggest factors in finding a vendor.

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