Taking Your Customer Through Your Website

How many times do your sales people take customers through your company's website? This isn't just an activity that's done on the phone. It's something your salespeople should do when they visit customers and when those customers visit your company.

Why is this so important in online lead generation? Here are a couple of reasons why your sales and marketing team must always be taking your customers through your website.

1. It Provides Instant Feedback

It's common for sales and marketing to operate in silos. You get accustomed to performing a certain way. You get stuck in a mindset that's not conducive to growing sales. Worse yet, you can get complacent. Taking your customer through your website provides you with instant feedback. It's the ultimate "voice of customer" (VOC) data source. Getting that instant feedback from customers will go a long way to improving online lead generation. It will make it easier to improve your website so that customers feel better about your offer.

2. It Creates a Two-Way Discussion

Let's face it. Some customers won't say anything. They just sit there stone-faced. Taking your customer through your website is a great way to break the ice. It starts the conversation and forces your customers to ask themselves what they think about the layout and convenience of your website.

Directing customers to a specific landing page makes it easier to cover the topics in which customers are most interested. Online lead generation works when you improve the performance of separate landing pages. Taking your customers through your website provides invaluable insight into how those pages appear to customers.

Online lead generation Any strategy that gets you closer to customers is a strategy worth pursuing.

3. It Makes It Easier to Ask Open-Ended Questions

The best salespeople know that getting customers talking is the first all-important step to making a sale. However, it takes intuition to know when to ask a customer an open-ended question. It doesn't just happen. Your salespeople must notice when a customer suddenly seems interested in something on a given landing page. Once the customer shows that interest, your salesperson can follow up with an open-ended question that gets your customer talking.

4. It Increases Your Conversion Rates

Do this enough times and you'll have plenty of valuable information to help you increase your company's online lead generation and conversion rates. In fact, you can actually take a new customer through your lead capture form, which is a great strategy on cold-calls.

You'll still have your website's analytics. You'll still have data that shows you what leads do once they arrive on a landing page. However, you'll combine that marketing data with VOC data directly from customers. This added insight can and will go a long way to simplifying your online lead generation strategies.

Don't take your customer's opinions for granted. Have your salespeople take your customers through your website. They can do it on a cold-call, warm-call or any face-to-face discussion. It helps to showcase your products and services, while giving you critical information about what customers like and don't like about how your website and landing pages are put together.

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