Take a lead on Account-Based Marketing from the Masters

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is more than just a buzzword--it’s happening. Unlike other failed trends like fetch –which we can all agree is never going to happen (sorry, Gretchen)-ABM is catching on with rapid adoption rates.

This comes as no surprise when you see results like:

  •  Multiplied overall lead generation by a factor of 12.5
  •  Doubled sales pipeline production
  •  Quadrupled their average deal size in the last 1.5 years
  •  Targeted account opportunities increased from 2% to 25%

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Now that’s a buzzword every marketer can get behind.

Tell me more.  

Account-based marketing thrives on the collaboration of both marketing and sales teams to target best fit accounts. ABM focuses on personalization and one to one sales outreach (with lots and lots of clean data).

I’m in, where do I start?

Considering the vast opportunities that await with ABM, it may be hard to identify where to start. At ReachForce, we believe that all marketing or sales strategies should have strong foundational roots in data to back it up.  If you’re investing in marketing technology to support your ABM strategy, don’t put the cart before the horse.

And how do I do that?

Because of this, we have partnered with fellow Martech companies to form the ABM Masters Alliance. The ABM Masters is a consortium of leading companies delivering cutting-edge technologies that drive sales revenues using ABM. The ABM Masters Alliance empowers executives through information, interaction, and inspiration, and serves as a central resource for all things ABM.

We do this by connecting like-minded marketing and sales professionals and driving ABM best practices supported by advanced marketing technology so that we can all excel in the engagement economy.

The ABM Master’s include:

  • Reachforce- That’s us! You can learn more about our data quality management solutions here.
  • Bluewolf- Salesforce consulting agency that enables companies of any size and industry to connect customer experience to value. As part of IBM, BlueWolf brings over 105 years of technology innovation to business transformation.
  • EngagioEngagio’s software orchestrates integrated account-based programs, providing the scale benefits of automation with the personalization benefits of the human touch.
  • EverString - EverString Audience Platform lets companies of all sizes and industries access the power of AI, machine learning, and predictive marketing and sales
  • SalesForce Pardot - Pardot, B2B marketing automation by Salesforce, offers a marketing automation solution that allows marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns from one central platform.
  • Sendoso  - Sendoso helps companies accelerate sales and retain customers with gifts and rewards. Sendoso’s cloud-based gifting platform centralizes all gifting outreach touches including delivery/fulfillment, reporting and intelligently suggests recipients.
  • UberFlip - Cloud-based Content Experience Platform that lets businesses create remarkable content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey.
  • Vidyard - Online video platform for business which allows you to increase leads, accelerate your pipeline, and delight your customers.
  • Inverta - An action-oriented B2B marketing firm of big thinkers with the expertise to build bridges between your vision and the technology-supported activation.
  • Callidus -  Award-winning Lead to Money suite gives sales and marketing a connected platform to close more deals faster.

The ABM Masters are working on several resources and events for you to become a master as well:

LEARN: Check out the ABM Masters Content Hub for a collection of the latest and greatest content for B2B teams interested in taking an account-based approach to business from all of the alliance members. Check it out

WATCH: How Masters Execute Their ABM Strategies Watch it here

MEET: The ABM Masters are taking over at DreamForce for THE go-to party of the week.  Reserve your spot

Stay tuned for more ABM Masters events and content headed your way in 2018!


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