Speed Up Routing and Reduce Manual Validation of Lead Capture Data

For your lead capture activities to bear fruit, they must take in accurate marketing data. One of the most popular ways to do this is through a brief sign-up form on a website landing page. Someone arrives at your landing page, which promises something of value in return for filling in a brief form. This data is captured, and may prove to be a valuable lead.

But in order for lead capture to work as intended, the marketing data has to be real as opposed to made-up, and it has to be correct. The more complete lead capture data is, the better, but there's a limit to what you can expect a landing page visitor to provide without giving up in frustration or deciding at the outset he doesn't want to bother with it.

Common Problems With Website Form Data

With landing page lead capture data, several problems can arise. Some people see a form and immediately click away. Others will fill in a brief form, but not a long one. Assuming you have a landing page visitor willing to fill out a form before receiving the white paper or webinar invitation she wanted, the concern then shifts to the accuracy of the data. Will the marketing data provided by the visitor be real, and if so, will it be entered correctly? Once you have a filled-in lead capture form, in order for it to benefit your marketing strategy, it must be accurate and complete. There are a number of ways to validate this marketing data.

Manual Validation of Forms Data Is Inefficient

Manual data validation can be difficult, time-consuming, and produce a low return on investment. Comparing data in forms to existing databases or contacting a person using the data they filled in to confirm its accuracy isn't very efficient. Many people don't want to be contacted, and looking up data in databases for comparison purposes may or may not yield up-to-date, complete information. Many companies feel like manual validation of lead capture data is not a good use of marketing resources because of its inefficiency and because there's little reassurance of the value of the data, even after validation.

Third Party Validation Is Delayed and May Not Provide Sufficient Accuracy

You can hire third parties to take data from your lead generation forms and check it for accuracy. Some of these third-party providers will also append data to make it more complete. This sounds much better than having your marketing personnel manually validate this marketing data, but how confident can you be in the enriched data you receive back? Data can go stale remarkably quickly. In just one month, you can expect some of the data in your database to become inaccurate simply because of job changes, moves, or phone number changes. Third-party marketing data enrichment providers may not provide your marketing data quickly enough for it to still be fresh.

The Solution Is Real-Time Data Enrichment

One way to enrich marketing data and assure its accuracy without tedious manual processes and without shipping your data off to a third party is real-time data enrichment. As soon as someone enters data on a lead capture form, a data enrichment program compares it with continuously updated marketing data that has been cleansed and verified. A visitor may fill in only a brief form, yet the information he enters is automatically appended with significantly more marketing data held in a large database that is kept updated and accurate. Your visitor gets what he came to your site for after entering minimal information, you get enriched, accurate marketing data, and your marketing engine won't waste time on inaccurate or incomplete marketing data.


Manual and third-party validation of marketing data collected on lead capture forms is slow and error-prone. Fortunately, real-time data enrichment solutions like SmartForms by ReachForce eliminate the necessity of manual or third-party validation, all while integrating with your marketing automation system. When someone fills in your landing page form, SmartForms automatically enriches the data with the information you want, drawn from 200 million global records that are continually monitored, cleansed, and updated. Find out more about how SmartForms real-time data enrichment works by getting a demo or signing up for a free trial. There is simply no better way to ensure your marketing engine has the "fuel" it needs to power your business.

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