SiriusDecisions Summit 2013 - The Million Dollar Case Study

Getting SmartForms with Marketo is a no brainer

Already in San Diego for SiriusDecisions Summit, and wondering what session you just can't miss on Wednesday? This one:  

Learn how adding ReachForce SmartForms to lead generation programs at LeadMD Increased Inbound Lead Quantity and created $1 million in additional revenue in on year for 104X ROI

Where:  Room : Cunningham A

When     9:50 AM  -  10:35 AM; again at  10:45 AM  -  11:30 AM


Justin Gray, CEO, LeadMD

Mary Firme, Chief Lead Accelerator, ReachForce



Generating quality leads is the first critical challenge in marketing; the second is qualification, and third is nurturing to sales ready. LeadMD found its persona-based nurture tracks were moving these leads to revenue opportunity 300% faster than their standardized messaging – so they needed to design a strategy to put more leads on the persona path faster. This meticulous and metrics-centered presentation at SiriusDecisions Summit explains a simple yet thoughtful path to building faster persona qualification, expanding nurture from one lead to the entire decision making unit, and accelerating these leads to revenue opportunity much more rapidly.

• Simple, cost-effective and quickly implemented inbound data strategy changes that increased lead flow 37% and program ROI 41% in just 2 months

• How eliminating firmographics questioning of the lead delivered more accurate responses, better firmographic scoring and increased form conversions 26%

• Embracing the unexpected – LeadMD found that its form visitors, most often marketers, felt more at ease with LeadMD because of the way ReachForce forms look and behave

About ReachForce

ReachForce delivers cloud-based data solutions for B2B marketing professionals to accelerate leads to revenue. The ReachForce Connected Marketing Data Hub provides continuous marketing data enrichment and insights helping customers reach their maximum revenue velocity. Since 2005, more than 400 leading companies including Dassault Systemes, Eloqua, GXS, Marketo, ReadyTalk, and Webtrends are increasing the effectiveness and driving higher revenue velocity through digital marketing automation initiatives with better quality and enriched lead data and insights from ReachForce.


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