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It's that time of the year. We're grateful for the year we're wrapping up, experiences we've had and new friends we've met along the way.  This year has been action packed for us and we're really excited about what's to come in the New Year.
This year we've been sharing our planning process for 2015. We've created our buyer and message personas, we've identified who's who in our marketing database, we've started building a list of ideas to activate the database and now we need to tie together our campaign and program strategies.

As we continue to build for next year I like to go back and reference the below. Some we've put together and some from our partners and others from smart marketers out there.  Let's start at the highest level -

Definition of a Revenue Engine:
A revenue engine is an integrated marketing and sales system that powers your company’s opportunity funnel. It does this by synchronizing your strategy, processes, content, technology and analytics so that your company delivers the right message at the right time to the right person at every stage of the buying process.

A well-designed revenue engine generates a reliable and growing flow of truly qualified leads. These leads get nurtured into opportunities. These opportunities are converted into customers. And those customers get nurtured and grown into advocates and fans.

Data is captured and reported at every step. These metrics form the basis for optimizing or “tuning” your revenue engine. Dashboards track and report critical things such as funnel conversion, campaign performance, and asset and channel effectiveness.


I like to also substitute the words 'revenue engine' for 'campaign'.  It helps with focus.

Next, let's clear up some confusion on terminology. How is a campaign different from a program and also different from a marketing tactic? This is important to clarify on a regular basis so that everyone is clear on how all of the pieces work together and how each group supports the engine.  Here's how we're defining each piece of our marketing revenue engine.

Campaigns are made of up Programs and Programs are made up of Tactics.  Here's an example: A webinar program

A webinar is a tactic, to drive the highest attendance of the most qualified prospects or customers we must create a Program. That program can include - social promotion, email marketing, online marketing, partner promotion, etc.
This webinar program is one of many programs that make up a campaign.

Here's a nice image from Sirius Decisions helping connect the dots.

Now that we are all speaking the same language, let's talk tactics and how best to align them to the marketing and sales funnel.  Here are 2 things I like when trying to figure out the best tactics and programs for each persona in my decision making unit.

This one has been around forever but it's still good stuff.  Have you considered all of these programs?

lead gen multi modal

Next, I try to align these programs to the funnel so I am able to explain the 'why' behind each of my choices.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 9.40.25 AM


Here's a little more for the advanced marketers.  Partner with your product marketing team and try to really understand 'what' you are marketing. Thank you for these @SiriusDecisions!

demand spectrum

Here's a recommended split on your programs.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 9.56.26 AM

And the last piece for today.  Here's an example of how one of our customers shows their marketing tactics/programs, broken down by recommended budget and funnel alignment. We like it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.06.13 AM

Hope this stuff is helpful.  What best practices are you using to built your 2015 plans?  Please share!

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