Save Time by Automating These 5 Marketing Tasks

As you've probably heard by now, marketing automation software can save your business a lot of time and money. However, to gain the greatest benefits, you need to be utilizing your software to its fullest potential. Here's the top tasks that your business needs to begin automating, so you can fully leverage your big data and optimize the efficiency of your workplace.

1. Customer milestones: Customers need to feel appreciated by a business in order to continue to remain loyal to a brand. By recognizing the milestones of your customers, you make them feel noticed and improve their trust in your company. If you have the birthdays of customers on file, you can automate birthday cards via email. If a client purchases a certain amount from your company within a month, you can send them a congratulatory email, while offering a bonus, like a coupon or store credit.

2. Blog promotion: Obviously you can't automate the blog posts themselves, or your content marketing strategy will crash and burn. You can, however, automate blog promotion, which will increase the number of leads and conversions from blog posts. Automate emails to be sent out to your subscribers every time a new blog is posted, or automate polls to gauge the type of content your subscribers want to read.

3. Social media: Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses, as it not only allows for advertisements, but encourages people to like, share, and comment on different ads. With marketing automation, you can segment customer data based on interests, so your customers will see advertisements based on their unique hobbies. The software will continue to collect data to see how each ad is performing with its target group. If a customer repeatedly clicks on a certain type of ad, ads pertaining to similar products will appear more regularly, thus strengthening the potential for lead generation.

4. Emails: Emails are the heart of every great marketing strategy. They are easy and efficient to formulate, they have high open rates, and they strengthen client retention. With marketing automation software, your team can enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy, while saving a lot of time. By sending a follow-up email every time a client makes an online purchase, you can improve your customer service while bolstering client satisfaction. Follow up emails can easily be automated, while remaining personal, by automatically entering the name of the customer into the greeting of the email. Create numerous form emails for every product line, so each follow-up email is specific to the customer's purchase. You can also send automated emails to inform customers of promotions, coupons, events, company milestones, and more.

Marketing automation Marketing automation can fuel email marketing and save a lot of time.

5. SMS marketing: SMS marketing is the most direct way to target your customers, and it can be highly effective at producing leads. Create form texts that periodically get sent to your customers, offering coupons, promotions, and other incentives. You can also use SMS marketing as a way to announce new product lines and retail locations, allowing you to stay connected with customers and give them the inside scoop on your business.

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