Revenue Marketing Gets its First Big Conference: REVTalks

revtalks-logo-horizontal-forlightbgIt’s rare to find a marketing event so compelling it makes you literally drop everything and plan to attend – or to sponsor. But when ReachForce received the prospectus for REVTalks  last fall, that’s exactly what we did.

The conference features a quick-paced one-day format focused on the big AHA! Moments in revenue marketing, delivered by some of the biggest names with the biggest jobs in marketing. The conference happens January 27 in San Francisco (use the discount code TPGRT100 to save on your conference pass).

We spoke to Debbie Qaqish, Principal & Chief Strategy Officer for The Pedowitz Group, about the origin of the conference and what to expect from speakers.

What is REVTalks and how is it different from any other conference in the industry?

In the early part of 2012, I was knee deep in writing Rise of the Revenue Marketer.  The BIG IDEA for the book was always to highlight and share how executives were leading the transformation of marketing from a cost center to a revenue center.

As I interviewed 23 marketing executives about their experiences on the Revenue Marketing Journey, it became clear there is a huge gap in access to education, models, and approaches.

While there is a lot of training and best practices in the market for users and managers, there is not a single executive forum dedicated to an executive-level dialog of transforming marketing from a cost center to a revenue center – so we decided to create one.

As the pressure for the CMO to have financial/revenue accountability continues to increase, almost exponentially, the need for this type of conference couldn’t be clearer.

Why use the 15-minute talks format? 

Given our experience in the executive interviews for the book, we knew that every executive had some kind of defining moment (or several defining moments) that made the difference between success and a slow death.  These moments emerged naturally as part of the dialog in all the interviews.  I could literally hear the excitement in their voice as they talked about this one area.

Given this focus and given how these executives are really architects of innovation, we thought the short talk style would work best to highlight this essential lesson and impact the attendees. 

What's your quick pitch on why an executive should spend a day at REVTalks?

  • Be a participant in the executive-level dialog on how to lead this change.
  • Hear 36 AMAZING “Aha” moments in Revenue Marketing shared by leaders and practitioners in this space.
  • Get access to 399 other executives in the same boat as you with their own experiences to share.
  • If you have any revenue responsibility in 2014 or feel like it is coming, this is the singular event to attend.

Who is speaking and about what?

We’ll have 36 executive-level speakers in one day talking in the areas of: Change Management, Sales & Marketing Alignment, Strategy to Execution, Globalization, Organization Structure & Team and Data & Analytics.

Each REVTalk is being uniquely crafted for this event and the level of creativity is through the roof!  Melons, Pink Floyd, rubber bands, China, chameleons and Reese's peanut butter cups are just a few of the analogies/props that will be shared to impart the “Aha” moments.

Here are some of the stellar presenters:

What Physics Taught Me About Marketing Jon Miller, VP of Marketing and co-founder, Marketo: Revenue Marketers are part art and part science.  Jon Miller presents a practical view of Revenue Marketing using the principles of physics.

The Lead – Not Just Another Brick in the Wall Beki Scarbrough, Senior Director of Marketing Automation and Analytics for CA Technologies: How to use tools and technology to better segment your database and stop sending lead after lead down the conveyer belt to sales.

You can see the complete list of speakers and their topic titles at

Who should attend REVTalks?

Sales and marketing executives, CMOs, VP Sales, VP Marketing and Directors.  It also may not be a bad idea to bring your CEO!

What is the long-term vision for the event?

The Pedowitz Group has already started the executive-level dialog on how to lead this change.  We launched Revenue Marketing University a year ago for this exact dialog.  We anticipate REVTalks to be an annual event that will continue to focus on innovation and leadership required to create a new role for marketing in today’sB2B landscape.  We also see the dialog continuing between attendees and feel that this dialog will help the space mature.


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