Refining and Fine-Tuning Lead Segmentation for Improved Conversion Rates

Refining and fine-tuning your lead segmentation is a balancing act. Not refining enough can lead to missing your true marketing potential. When your leads are segmented optimally, you can personalize messages and send targeted messages at the perfect time to convert leads. However, over-tuning your segmentation can be equally as disastrous. Some marketers spend so much time fine-tuning their lead segments that they never actually get around to the business of personalizing messages and content.

Another pitfall is in how lead segmentation is used for marketing. Segmenting the leads doesn't necessarily mean that the messages you choose to target those individual groups are effective. Have you jumped to conclusions? Perhaps a lead who likes lots of information doesn't necessarily like to read the whitepapers or research papers you send -- maybe these leads prefer an eBook or a video interview. Make sure you haven't leapt to the wrong conclusions when pairing a segment with targeted, personalized messages. How can you fine-tune your lead segments for improved conversion rates?

What Phase of the Marketing Funnel is the Lead in?

Each point of the marketing funnel calls for different types of messages and communications. Earlier in the process, leads go for light and breezy content, such as blog posts and infographics. This type of content delivers solid, useful information in a punchy way so that leads can get lots of information in a short amount of time. As their research progresses, however, you need to provide ever meatier content, including case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, and buyers' guides.

What is the Lead's Situation in Terms of Buying a Product?

Lead segmentation A lead might actually be months away from making a final purchase decision, but you still need to stay fresh on their minds by delivering useful, timely, relevant, and informative content. Consider newsletters, blog posts, a series of helpful videos, and other proven content strategies.

The buying cycles of B2B customers have increased over the past few years. Customers are now taking more time cycling through the marketing funnel. This means you have to develop a rhythm of sorts for delivering regular messages (so that the lead doesn't forget about you!), useful messages (it's got to be better than the competition!), relevant messages (they have to know why your product is the ideal solution!), and timely messages (be there when they're ready!). Understand the buying cycle of each segment and develop content to help them move through it.

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