Recharge: Tips for Ramping Up Stale B2B Marketing

Published August 12, 2015

Even if you're keeping up with all of the latest B2B marketing trends, it's easy to let your tactics get stale. Sometimes it feels like every "new" thing you try is just a rehash of the rehashed stuff you tried last time. Perhaps it's time to rethink the whole perspective and amp up your marketing efforts in a more powerful, profound way.

Shift Your Focus From Tactics to Overall Strategy

Sometimes we get so deep into the trees that we forget about the forest. Getting too hyper-focused on lead generation, conversion rates, click-through rates, and other little trees makes it easy to forget the overall picture: what does the buyer's journey map actually look like? What does your customer lifecycle really tell you about who these people are and what makes them tick? You'll get a fresh new perspective on all your marketing efforts when you step out of the trees and ponder the forest for a bit.

Don't Forget Your In-House Metrics

B2B marketing What your internal metrics look like can be as important as the external metrics you collect.

All of the metrics you gather: the completion rates for the forms on your landing pages, the number of new visitors to your websites, and other "key" metrics are only part of your marketing picture. What about your in-house metrics? Most marketers overlook this aspect entirely, but it is key to a successful B2B marketing department. What technical skills do your workers have? Which do they lack? How well do they understand your strategy? How effective are the tactics they develop to support your strategy? What is the employee turnover rate? You can't put out fires in your forest when your own house is burning down, so make sure you're monitoring and improving your internal operations, not just the external ones.

Evaluate New Techniques According to Your Strategy and Planning

When you have your strategy in place, it's easier to filter through the tactics that will and will not work for your buyer's journey and customer lifecycle. Lots of trends will come and go, but you'll be able to leverage the best without wasting time on those that don't fit well, because you know how all the trees are standing in that forest. When you hear about a new trend or tactic, evaluate how it fits within your strategy and how your own customers will respond to it.

With everything in perspective, your B2B marketing team will be focused and amped up like never before.

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