Ready, Set, Data Analytics! Are You Ready?

Data analytics is no longer new. It's no longer a fringe technology or something experimental. Data analytics is a powerful marketing tool, and marketing professionals who are embracing and using this technology are strongly outpacing and outperforming those who are not taking advantage of this innovation. What does it take to become a data-driven marketing department? Here's how to know if your business is ready for the leap.

A Data-Oriented Corporate Culture

Data marketing is a lot more than collecting some metrics for lead generation. It involves a shift in mindset towards valuing data and what it can do. Companies that are successful with big data and marketing analytics are those with executive leaders who empower their organization with data collection and analytics tools. The data-driven culture trickles down from the top, and each department knows what data is needed, where the data comes from, how to collect it, and has a means for sharing it organization-wide.

How can you achieve the top-down advocacy of big data if your corporate culture has not yet embraced the future? Begin with an executive sponsor: one of the C-level executives who is aware of the potential for big data. Have them lead the movement to get the rest of the organization on board. Be patient! These things take time, and a shift towards becoming a data-driven organization (and thereby a data-driven marketing department) doesn't happen overnight.

A Data-Oriented Technological Infrastructure

Data analytics You need to know where the data is, how to get to it, and what its potential is when collected and analyzed. The right databases, software, and other tools are the resources you need to get there from here.

Aside from a culture that values and promotes data and analytics, companies that are successful with data marketing have the right technological infrastructure to support data collection, storage, analytics, and security. This means the ability to store unstructured data as well as structured data. It also includes the elimination of data silos that keep valuable data compartmentalized and alienated from a centralized pool of data. The right infrastructure also includes analytical tools and a sound security infrastructure with monitoring tools and a tested plan for identifying and addressing threats as they occur.

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