ReachForce + Digital Pi: The Winning Recipe for a Marketing Automation Strategy

Today, ReachForce announced a strategic partnership with leading Marketo consultancy, Digital Pi.  Digital Pi will be enabled to include ReachForce’s Data Management Solutions as part of their Gold Standard Marketo Implementation service, which will provide customers insights to fuel data-driven marketing campaigns.

At ReachForce, we know that data quality is essential for marketing and sales teams to hit their targets. As a marketing practitioner, I can confidently attest to the value of having a strategy in place for cleaning up the inevitable “junk” that clutters up your database so that I can run targeted campaigns with confidence. Equally important is to have a strategy for the architecture of your Marketo instance. You can’t have one without the other and expect it to be efficient and successful when using marketing automation and running campaigns.

Our data management solutions dramatically enhance the value of records in marketing automation and CRM platforms by improving the quality and completeness of contact and account data. Similarly, Digital Pi’s focus is on helping companies get rapid, sustainable, and quantifiable ROI from the Marketo Engagement Platform.The combined power of our technology and Digital Pi’s Marketo expertise increases our customer’s return on investment in Marketo by ensuring that their marketing automation platform is campaign-ready at all times.

“Through this partnership, customers enjoy a best-of-breed data management and marketing automation solution resulting in increased pipeline effectiveness,” said ReachForce CEO and President Dion Cornett. “Digital Pi epitomizes the value a Marketing Consultancy should provide to clients, which is why we believe Marketo users will find this partnership particularly invaluable to the success of their campaigns.”

Ryan Vong, CEO of Digital Pi and I taking our partnership to new heights at Dreamforce.

Ryan Vong, CEO of Digital Pi, said “Accurate and timely data is the foundation that Marketo customers rely upon. ReachForce’s data management solutions are an essential part of any organization running marketing operations or demand generation. We are excited to form this partnership to ensure that each campaign has the necessary data to run.”

What this means, from a marketer's professional perspective 

Several years back, before I was the Director of Marketing here at ReachForce, I worked at a different enterprise software company where we laid down the path of upgrading our marketing automation platform. Because of Marketo’s functionality, reputation, and thought leadership (Marketo is a bit of a north star for martech companies), the decision was an easy one. The migration path to Marketo from our existing tool was not near as easy. We knew from the state of our existing tool that processes and data issues wreaked havoc on the system and negatively impacted our ability to execute efficiently. Luckily my team all sat in close quarters so we could ask “Where is that list?”, “What is ‘Webinar 011211?’”, or “Can we score leads in this tool? And if so, how?”  

After evaluating several migration partners, we landed on Digital Pi. Everything I know about Marketo I learned from Digital Pi. Our instance of Marketo felt like utopia compared to where we first started. If you’ve used Marketo, or any technology for that matter, there are three ways to do any particular function. Having a robust tool such as Marketo can be a double-edged sword if not handled correctly. Poor or undocumented folding structures might seem like a trivial detail until you spend an hour searching for something.  Digital Pi became our trusted advisors by learning our business and making sensible recommendations based on how we work.

Unfortunately, my former company did not have ReachForce or a data management strategy at all.  You can only imagine how many hours were spent manually deduping or creating workflows to remove junk leads from my reporting. Spoiler: it was a lot. With this partnership, Marketo customers will have a comprehensive marketing automation strategy from the beginning. Demand Gen Managers, Marketing Ops wizards, and Content Marketing gurus will be given back time in their life that would have been spent on manual data cleansing efforts to be spent crafting highly-targeted and engaging marketing campaigns. 

If you are like me and like to be efficient and show crazy impactful results, then a solid foundation of marketing automation best practices and a data management strategy makes sense to be implemented together at the same time.

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