ReachForce Announces “Smart” Solutions to Further Empower Data-Driven Marketing and Sales

Today we announced a number of technology and brand updates that will make complex data-driven B2B marketing and sales simple. The solutions are built to empower marketing and sales professionals with technology that facilitates the customized, data-driven engagement that today’s evolving customer base requires. These updates are focused on three core user benefits: Ease of Use, Flexibility and Scalability.

From Fortune 100s to tech start-ups, smart B2B sales and marketing professionals globally employ ReachForce solutions within existing landing pages and databases to verify, enrich and manage overall data quality and completeness. The latest updates make our big data technology simpler and more customizable.

“The dynamic nature of B2B commerce requires smarter data-driven approaches. ReachForce’s development efforts strategically address these changes, empowering already savvy marketing and sales professionals to market smarter,” said Dion Cornett, Chief Executive Officer of ReachForce. “Our solutions provide the data insights needed to enable our clients to run a high-performance sales and demand generation engine.”

These updates can be categorized into three areas:

#1 Solution Enhancements for Increased Simplicity, Customization and Scalability

Major updates will put users in the driver’s seat of their lead generation and data enrichment efforts.

SmartForms appends account and contact-level data to inbound leads, expanding captured data while enabling shorter, prospect-friendly forms. We are putting the power of SmartForms squarely in the hands of the user.  This release introduces a new SmartForms Configurator to the customer management console, SmartHub. The configurator empowers customers to intuitively implement, customize and manage SmartForms in real-time. Another feature, a JavaScript SDK, gives developers access to core SmartForms functions through scripting. This allows SmartForms to integrate disparate data sources and customize workflows.

SmartManage (formerly Continuous Data Manager) provides ongoing data quality management by verifying, correcting, standardizing and flagging or removing duplicate data automatically.  We are adding additional firmographic and social data fields available to append with SmartManage. SmartManage has also undergone a full infrastructure change aimed at optimizing real-time and on-demand functionality.

“ReachForce has modernized our capabilities by leveraging the latest big data tools, streaming data pipelines and cutting-edge cloud-based technologies,” said Tim Smiser, Senior Director of Software Development.  “The end result is smarter, higher-performing and more robust solutions that are powerful and easy for our customers to use.”

For screenshots and more information on SmartForms and SmartManage updates, click here.

#2 Data Enhancements for Improved Visibility, Accuracy and Completeness

ReachForce’s Smart Solutions now include expanded data sources. SmartData, which powers our solutions, combines 1st and 3rd party data from a variety of disparate sources to ensure relevant account, contact and social data. SmartData is standardized and enriched with hierarchy and linkage to support lead routing and segmentation, and firmographic, demographic and social data attributes have been added to provide additional context.

“Better data drives more revenue,” said Cornett. “To facilitate the delivery of only best-in-class data, we are committed to an open framework of collection. We constantly scour the data landscape looking for the best, ethically sourced and highest quality data for our customers.”

#3 Branding Updates to Reflect Smart Solutions for Sales and Marketing Technologists

ReachForce’s technology enables smarter marketing and sales. To emphasize that in every aspect, we have rebranded the products to reflect the smart marketing and sales teams that use them. Borrowing from the already popular SmartForms product, the “Smart” theme is incorporated throughout the entire product suite. This update will impact existing solutions, including its automated data cleansing, enrichment and management solution known as Continuous Data Manager (now SmartManage) and the centralized console for reporting and insights known as 360° Console (now SmartHub), as well as future launches. We have simultaneously introduced official branding to the data powering all its solutions, now known as SmartData.

In addition to these updates, ReachForce will also be launching a native Salesforce app on AppExchange in early 2018 aimed at sales and marketing professionals and priced per representative.



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