ReachForce Acquires SetLogik and Launches the ReachForce Connected Marketing Data Hub


New solutions provide continuous marketing data enrichment and insights to help marketers maximize revenue.

AUSTIN, Texas – April 3, 2013 – ReachForce, a leader in B2B data solutions for marketers, announced it has acquired SetLogik, an innovator of cloud-based data and analytics solutions, to form the industry’s first Connected Marketing Data Hub. The new Connected Marketing Data Hub offers an integrated suite with continuous data quality management and predictive marketing capabilities. Designed to integrate with leading marketing and sales automation platforms, like Marketo, Eloqua and, it supports marketing professionals to more effectively collect, qualify, target, and convert leads throughout the buyer’s lifecycle.

With the proliferation of channels and explosion in data, the emphasis for CMOs to play a greater role in accelerating revenue has escalated, resulting in leading organizations turning to marketing automation technologies to drive the best response from their lead data. However, these automation initiatives often suffer from incomplete or out-of-date lead data, resulting in wasted efforts and missed sales opportunities.

"Before marketers can fully take advantage of automation platforms and other modern techniques for driving efficiencies and nurturing leads, they first need to tackle the important issue of managing the quality of their data," said SiriusDecisions Co-Founder and Managing Director, John Neeson.  "Best practice organizations centrally and continuously manage 360-view of high quality customer data including biographics, demographic, firmographics and transactional information across all databases, marketing automation and CRM systems and other end points."

"As we continue to launch multiple campaigns globally and in the various industries with which we work, it is important we maintain accurate data to ensure we are sending relevant content to our audiences,” said Ruth-Ann Femenella, Marketing Programs Manager at GXS, a leading B2B integration company. "As a SaaS company ourselves, we recognize the value of the model in bringing offerings quickly and easily to companies. We are excited at the prospect of ReachForce’s new capabilities and look forward to implementing them in our current lead generation process."

Neeson continued, "This holistic approach gives marketers the ability to power revenue generating campaigns with in-depth customer insights that accelerate sales and produce the type of business contributions increasingly being asked of CMOs."

“The stakes have never been higher for marketing organizations as they assume more responsibility for revenue,” said Bob Riazzi, CEO and President of ReachForce. “Many marketers have automated their campaign management and digital marketing execution to drive more revenue, but poor data quality is having a negative impact on their success. It was clear what we needed to do to help, and the results are huge. With the addition of SetLogik’s platform to ReachForce’s existing product portfolio we accelerate the time required to transform leads into revenue for our customers.”

About ReachForce

ReachForce delivers cloud-based data solutions for B2B marketing professionals to accelerate leads to revenue. The ReachForce Connected Marketing Data Hub provides continuous marketing data enrichment and insights to help customers reach their maximum revenue velocity. Since 2005, more than 400 leading companies including Act-On Software, Dassault Systemes, Eloqua, GXS, Marketo, ReadyTalk, and Webtrends are increasing the effectiveness and driving higher revenue velocity through digital marketing automation initiatives with better quality and enriched lead data and insights from ReachForce. For more information about ReachForce and revenue velocity best practices, visit our site at or follow us on Twitter@reachforce.

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