Q4 2017 Product Updates | What’s New in SmartForms and SmartHub

The implementation process of many software solutions can be daunting and challenging. It can require several resources, potentially disrupt day to day activities, and maybe even involve third-party collaboration. At ReachForce, we believe software implementation should be easy. You, the customer, should be in full control-- equipped with intuitive tools that enable you with self-service guidance to get started. We want you to recognize the value of your investment immediately. In this release, we have created more intuitive enhancements so that our product can be seamlessly implemented.

This is why we are excited to announce SmartForms 4 and all that it brings for self-service. We’re redefining simple.

SmartForms Self-Service Trial

Our new self-service trial will allow marketing and sales teams who are looking to enrich their inbound leads immediate access to a free trial of SmartForms. With the new trial process, customers can go live with an enriched form in as quick as 15 minutes time.

The process is simple:

  1. Request a trial
  2. Pick high-quality relevant data points
  3. Create fields in your MAP or CRM
  4. With a form in mind, setup SmartForms using our straightforward configuration tool
  5. Test your setup in real-time and publish
  6. Add one effortless line of script to your form or site template

Learn more about SmartForms  -the trial is currently in beta and will be rolling out soon.

SmartForms Configuration Manager

The new configurator puts the power of SmartForms in the hands of our customers with full access to manage SmartForms configuration in the cloud without involving support to customize forms.

As a new tool accessible within your SmartHub, you will have an easy to use interface to create a new SmartForms configuration or manage an existing configuration.

Simply using a form URL from your website, you can:

  • Map your form fields to SmartForms data points.
  • With ease, configure data translation for select company location and firmographic data values.
  • Easily define color and fonts for the company results drop-down.
  • Conveniently test your chosen SmartForms setup to view the result you can expect to receive in your MAP or CRM.
  • Effortlessly publish your SmartForms configuration to the cloud.

JavaScript SDK for Custom Forms and Workflows

Do your developers want to code directly to SmartForms for more control and integration capabilities? The JavaScript SDK enables forms to communicate with the SmartForms services to process incoming data for many different uses, such as:

  • Delivering the power of SmartForms intelligence that could deliver data over the course of several steps of a visitor's form submission.
  • Using SmartForms data to retrieve in-house or third-party system data prior to form submission.
  • Make a confident decision based on visitor location to deliver regionalized content.

Contact Enrichment Reporting

Now, in SmartHub, you will have insights into your contact enrichment service.

With the new contact enrichment snapshot summary, you will see:

  • The total number of contacts enriched since your contract started accompanied by a line chart showing the enriched contact count per month.
  • The match rate of contacts enriched to contacts submitted since the start of a contract.
  • The total number of contacts that have been submitted for enrichment since your contract started.
  • A line chart showing the total number of times each data attribute was enriched since the start of a contract.

We’re really excited about the latest enhancements to our products and what they mean for marketing and sales to quickly and easily get the quality data they need to run smart campaigns.

Ready to make your data simple and actionable? Start enriching inbound leads - Request a Trial

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