Predictive Marketing & Data Quality Using Your Marketing Crystal Ball [Aug. 25 Webinar Recap]

During our August 25th webinar, we covered the topic of predictive marketing and how – with the right data – it’s really like your own marketing crystal ball. With quality data fueling your predictive marketing strategy, you can almost “see into the future” when it comes to predicting customer behavior.

What Is Predictive Marketing?

Predictive marketing is a B2B marketing strategy that helps identify which leads are most likely to buy by using historical data to predict customer behavior.

Predictive marketing is based on predictive analytics, a method of analyzing data and information such as lead demographics and marketing actions to determine the probability of a lead becoming a sale.

Why Use Predictive Marketing?

Predictive marketing enables you to:

  • Better segment your database
  • Grow revenue from existing customer database
  • Create more effective, personalized customer messaging
  • Improve sales and marketing efficiency by saving time targeting leads not likely to buy

As a result, marketers using predictive marketing are more likely to meet their objectives than those who do not have a predictive marketing strategy in place.

How Database Health Affects Predictive Marketing

Poor database quality is one of the biggest obstacles marketers face when it comes to effectively reaching prospects. What do I mean by poor database quality? Things holding back your data quality such as:

  • Old or bad email addresses
  • Incomplete or missing data
  • Duplicate records

It is difficult – if not impossible – to predict customer behavior when you’re working with nonexistent or dirty data. Remember, most of us aren’t fortune tellers and we don’t have crystal balls telling us who is a prospect customer. It’s up to our data.

Benefits of Capturing High Value Lead Data at Point of Entry in Real-Time

Capturing high value data at point of entry in real-time is critical for a successful predictive marketing strategy.

ReachForce SmartForms helps to combat incomplete data from your leads by importing clean, validated, and standardized data – exactly what you need to fuel your marketing crystal ball.

SmartForms sits on top on any existing form in a marketing automation platform or other lead form software, working behind-the-scenes to gather firmographic and demographic information about every lead who fills in the fields.

Here’s a video of how SmartForms works.

[embed width="600" height="400"][/embed]

Your Questions: Answered

What systems will SmartForms work with?
SmartForms is platform agnostic, meaning it will work with any platform.

Will SmartForms interfere with my existing landing page?
SmartForms will not interfere with your existing landing page, and it can be configured to work with any online lead form.

Do you provide global information?
Yes, we have a very strong global data set, with around 225 million records.

To learn how SmartForms can help you improve your predictive marketing efforts, request a demo today.

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