Predictive Analysis & Data Driven Lead Generation: The Face of Marketing

At the halfway point of 2015, where do lead generation and marketing stand? Were the predictions made for the year accurate, or did they miss the mark? Here is your snapshot of lead generation and the face of marketing at the midpoint of 2015.

Data-Driven Lead Generation & Marketing are Mainstream

If you think your data analytics is something special that sets you apart from competitors, you're unfortunately mistaken. Big data and data analytics are mainstream now, and the minority of marketers who haven't adopted it are already sitting in the dust. The innovation is no longer using big data to improve lead generation and marketing efforts, but it is still catching on when it comes to driving better product development and improvements.

Customers Demand a Seamless, Cohesive Messaging Experience

Since big data allows you to get to know your customers so well and reach them on a very personal, customized level, consumers are no longer tolerant of mixed messages coming from a brand. If you seem to know them one day and throw something out of left field at them tomorrow, they notice, and it doesn't impress them.

Customers and Governments Demand Corporations Take Security Seriously

Lead generation The public expects that businesses have learned from data breaches and have taken steps to protect their sensitive information.

The list of data breaches that occurred in 2014 has been rehashed ad nauseam, so we won't repeat it here. Suffice it to say, the public has had enough, and so have lawmakers. Using big data means taking responsibility for keeping it safe. Organizations are expected to back up their stellar customer service and positive marketing messages with solid data governance and protection policies.

Predictive Analysis is Catching On

What are your customers' needs today? Tomorrow? Next quarter or next year? About half of marketers are using predictive analysis to help move customers along the marketing funnel, to upsell, and to get more profitability out of each converted lead. Learn to anticipate what your customers need, when they need it, and what they'll be willing to pay for it, and your sales will improve dramatically.

Consumers Engage With Businesses Online More Than in Person

Undoubtedly, the age of digital shopping and purchasing is here. Consumers engage with products online at a far greater rate than in person, including via call center or in a physical store. The breakdown looks like this:

Websites: 66% of customer interactions

Mobile apps: 58% of customer interactions

Call centers: 51% of customer interactions

Stores (physical): 37% of customer interactions

Catalog/direct mail: 37% of customer interactions

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