Pinterest, Bob Marley, and HubSpot doing it right

Pinterest isn’t just one of the fastest-growing social media platforms around. It’s also, at least for many B2B marketers, one of the most vexing. Adoption rate is huge. Traffic is out of this world. But business-to-business application? There’s the rub. Tips and tricks appear from time to time (you can find one from HubSpot here, in fact) but comprehensive guides for B2B marketers are slim.

Enter Bob Marley.

During a little lunchtime surfing and reading about Mr. Marley and the Wailers, I came across an image with a caption that piqued my curiosity: 5 Ways Marketers Should be More Like Bob Marley. As a marketer with a love of all things Marley, I couldn’t very well not click on it, right?

The link directed me in short order to HubSpot’s Pinterest page. And after poking around a bit (by ‘poking around a bit’ I actually mean getting lost in the content for almost an hour) one thing was crystal clear: if you’re a B2B marketer looking for ways to integrate Pinterest into your activities or develop campaigns specific to the application, HubSpot’s page is the one you want to study.

Some of the highlights:

Boards: At the most basic level, HubSpot’s Pinterest page is an excellent example of how to categorize your existing marketing assets (especially those you might not realize you already have) and apply them to Pinterest. Even better is seeing exactly how to do it well. HubSpot has created boards for customer testimonials, product information, online events, their blog, resources, and quite a few other elements that really maximize exposure to their page’s visitors.

Branding: If it were just the topics and organization of the boards, HubSpot would still be ahead of most organizations. But each board, from the wonderful titles (I HubSpot Because…, Meme-tastic Marketing!) to the interior descriptions for each, are executed in a way that are not only fun and catchy, but also underline and promote HubSpot’s branding and key messages. They also give themselves an opportunity to play around and have fun. Bad Marketing Kittens, Unicorns, and Things With Spots are just a few of the boards dedicated to just that.

Campaigns: No question, “Likes” are a good thing. But ask your sales team (or CMO, for that matter) and I’ll bet they’d prefer a nice inbound lead over a thumbs-up any day of the week. From demo requests to free trials, event registration to eBooks and other resources, HubSpot’s Pinterest page serves up countless lead generation opportunities using targeted, relevant assets.

And that's just scratching the surface. Swing by the HubSpot page and take a look around. Once you've done so, come back and let me know what you think. Are there other pages you've seen as great examples for B2B marketers? How are you using Pinterest? FYI, just in case you're curious, you can find the Bob Marley blog post here. Enjoy!

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