Personalized Marketing Using Data Segmentation

Personalization in marketing is just one of the powerful goodies you can get from modern lead data segmentation and analytics. You can create a unique, fully customized customer experience that blows the competition out of the water. Studies back up the fact that customers appreciate it when a company goes out of their way to get to know them as individuals and to personalize their shopping and buying experience. Here are ways to utilize personalized data to create a shopping experience that will revolutionize your online lead generation efforts.

Personalize Your Messages According to Who Your Customers Are

According to your customer profiles, who are your customers? This is what your leads look like too. With big data analytics, you don't have to depend on a single, limited customer profile -- you can develop multiple customer profiles and personalize your content and communications to each group. Now you can reach both the startups and the established businesses, as well as various industries and even different groups of businesses based on things like annual revenue. Simply use the data to identify the various profiles and then create content to speak to each.

Personalize Your Messages According to What They Need

Each of your customer profiles also have different needs. Do these customers want to stand out among their peers and get noticed by management? Are they trying to satisfy a difficult and demanding customer base of their own? What products do they most need in a product: speed? Affordability? Something that lasts longer or holds up better in bad weather? You can speak to your leads and address their needs when you have the data to back you up, allowing you to segment your customers and personalize their messages accordingly.

Personalize Your Messages According to When They Need Your Products

Personalized data Joe's business needs to buy widgets once every fiscal quarter. You can assure your business is his go-to shop for widgets by sending him a special offer for free overnight widget delivery on the same week he normally shops for widgets.

Do your customers need products or services like yours on a daily basis? Monthly? Yearly? With personalized data, you can determine how often they buy, how much they buy at a time, and target them with the right messages at exactly the time they will be shopping for products like yours. Customers appreciate it when they open a new email offering them exactly what they need to be shopping for this week. It's even better if they can get a discount on the product or get it delivered overnight -- the data will tell you what messages are most effective with each customer.

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