Outbound Marketing to Your Inbound Marketing Activity; Leverage!

Inbound Marketing seems to be all the hype these days.  B2B marketers are getting their feet wet with new social media tactics, online marketing is bigger than it’s ever been and word-of-mouth strategies are being built into most marketing plans today.  But what are you doing with all of this inbound activity on your web site and leads from registrations?

Are you adding them to your next email program?  Are you including them in your newsletter list?  Are you inviting them to your next webinar or live event?  Is your sales or tele-sales team following up with them via phone or email?  Chances are pretty high you’re using these inbound leads to fuel your outbound marketing programs.

What about all those web site visits?  Do you know what companies are visiting your web site?   What pages are they on? How long are they there?  Should you develop a Outbound Marketing program to reach and target the right person in those companies?

With the explosion of marketing automation, B2B Marketers now have the tools they need to better segment, target and reach these inbound leads with tailored messaging via Outbound Marketing.  But it’s not as simple as just loading these inbound leads up and hitting the send button.  To get the results you’re looking for you have to be more deliberate about your outreach.

We all know that in any typical B2B sale there is more than one person involved in a buying decision.  An inbound lead is a good sign someone is interested but chances are high they are collecting information for a team to evaluate.

Instead of waiting on the entire decision making unit to announce themselves, identify the roles you know to typically be involved in the decision and kick up your Outbound Marketing with messages tailored to each of their pain points.  This can only help your marketing results and conversions and getting everyone to the table at the same time also speeds up typical sales cycles.

While Inbound Marketing may be all the rage, you need a targeted Outbound Marketing program to reach all of the decision makers.  So as you are getting ready for 2010, make sure you have set up your Inbound Marketing to fuel your Outbound Marketing programs.

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