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We live in an era that's fueled by mobility. Humans scarcely leave their homes without cellphones in hand. Being detached from mobile devices can cause many to feel stressed and anxious. Even children depend on mobile devices, with 56 percent of kids ages 8 to 12 having their own mobile device, according to the National Consumers League. There is no doubt that mobility is the defining feature of the current generation. It only makes sense that it would be the defining feature of your marketing campaign as well. Here are some tips to optimize your mobile marketing to experience even greater results.

The Importance of a Mobile Marketing Strategy

If you remain unconvinced of the importance of mobile marketing, here are a few statistics that might change your mind.

• As of January, 2014, Americans began using smartphones and tablets for Internet access with greater frequency than computers.
• 15 percent of people make purchases from their mobile devices.
• 62 percent of people utilize email from their mobile devices.
With these statistics in mind, it's clear that businesses of all sizes need a strategy for leveraging mobile marketing.

Focus on Your Email Campaign

With 62 percent of people emailing from their mobile devices, you'd be doing your business a tremendous disservice not to leverage this substantial trend. Email marketing offers tremendous potential for connecting with current customers, improving customer loyalty, and increasing your lead generation.

Don't Forget About Apps

Mobile apps are incredibly common. It seems nowadays there is an app for just about everything. If your business doesn't have an app, you may soon be in the minority. A business app provides you with a way to connect with customers throughout the day and increase brand awareness. So, how does one go about innovating a useful mobile app? Your customer data holds the answers. Use your customer data to help you determine the core needs among your customers. Then you can create an app that solves a specific problem your customers are experiencing, like long store lines or poor customer service.

Make Sure All Advertisements Are Mobile-Friendly

When you're designing emails, Facebook posts, or advertisements, you need to remember that these will oftentimes be reached via mobile devices. You need to ensure that all pictures, attachments, calls-to-action, and other elements are created in a way that they are both functional and attractive from all devices.

Big data management
With mobile-friendly ads, you'll enrapture audiences on every device.

Use Big Data Management Software to Fully Leverage Mobile Marketing

The key to optimizing your mobile marketing is by having the right tools at your disposal. With a big data management platform, you'll be able to collect, store, manage, and analyze your data more effectively.

Big data management software allows you to:

• Hone in on target markets to determine the best audiences for your advertisements.
• Assess the performance of advertisements on a range of devices to help you determine which devices are being used most regularly.
• Get to know your customers more personally, so you can create email campaigns that are personalized and effective.

With a big data management platform, you can automate menial tasks, enabling you to eliminate wasted time. It will also help you analyze data more effectively, so you can create advertisements that truly resonate with your audience. In turn, you can fully leverage mobile marketing and reach far more customers than before.

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