Myth Busted! Proving Big Data Marketing Isn't Just for B2C

B2B marketers often discount the tools and techniques that are useful in B2C marketing, believing that what works for the general public doesn't necessarily translate into what works well in the business realm. Such is the case with big data marketing. B2B buyers mistakenly think that big data is only relative to the enormous volumes of data that come from marketing to the masses, and fail to see how data analytics can help them reach and convert B2B customers. Let's take a Jamie and Adam approach to why this is a mistake.

B2B Buyers are Just Consumers Wearing Suits

B2B buyers are actually the same folks that B2C marketers sell to. They're just wearing their work clothes. B2B buyers are trying to meet a need, just like consumers, and are reaching out for a product that they believe can meet that need. Let's examine what B2B buyers are looking for:

• They need to be able to meet the needs of their customers.
• They need to look good in their boss' eyes.
• They need to look good in their coworkers' eyes.
• They need to be able to make a decision that helps them excel in their career.

Is this really so different from the dad looking for quality tires to prove he is capable of keeping his family safe? Or from the mom who wants to prove she can feed her kids healthy meals or keep their home safe and secure? No, not that different at all.

Just remember, today's B2B buyers largely belong to Generation X and Y -- the Millennials. As such, you're dealing with a highly internet-savvy bunch, and instead of being compared only to your competitors in the market, you're being examined based on the sum total of their life experiences.

In other words, you have to learn to levy big data marketing to outdo all the marketers out there, not just those working on behalf of your direct competitors. You're on the internet, competing with ads from heavy-hitters like Amazon, e-Bay, Google, and Microsoft, not just the direct competitors in your own industry.

Using Data for B2B Big Data Marketing: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Big data marketing First, grab your data. Then, work backward through the buyer's journey of your very best customers. Finally, use that data to find new customers just like those. Bang! That's big data marketing in three easy steps.

So, what's your roadmap for "getting there" using big data marketing? You must work backward from what marketers normally think is the "right way" to assess their marketing.

1. Know thine friends.

Use big data to understand who your best customers are. What do they buy? Why do they buy? Why did they choose you over the other guys?

2. Map your buyer journey.

Work backward from where your top customers are now, tracing back to when they converted. Then work backward from the point of conversion through their steps of Awareness and Evaluation. What were the triggers that led to success?

3. Determine how to recreate these steps.

Using that data, determine where you can find new customers like those. Big data marketing can show you how to develop more content that led to your success with current top customers. From there, you can find new target markets, create new demand for your products, and speed up the process of conversion. This data also tells you how you can improve current and new customer spend through upselling and cross-selling.

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