Moving From Sign Up Form Challenges to Marketing Data Success

Lead generation is challenging, and it isn't because of a lack of data. Plenty of data exists, and more is being created all the time, but customers have changed. They too are faced with massive amounts of information, and it tends to fragment their attention. In other words, "information abundance equals attention scarcity." Buyers are becoming increasingly skilled with tuning out messages they aren't interested in and researching products of interest on their own. Most of the buying journey is already complete before a customer ever contacts a vendor.

Obtaining marketing data is as important as ever, though. One of the top priorities for lead generation is marketing data quality, and it can be a big challenge. Many companies use sign-up forms for lead generation, acquiring visitor data in exchange for access to exclusive information. By adhering to certain best practices and knowing how (and how not to) obtain enriched lead data, businesses can generate better leads and have a higher ROI for their marketing investment.

Sign-Up Form Best Practices

A lot of people leave websites immediately when they're asked to create an account in order to receive further information, so sign-up forms must be made with care. Best practices include:

• Keeping the form above the fold so users don't have to scroll down
• Using a call to action in your form's headline
• Ensuring your form is not too long to discourage sign-ups
• Making clear which fields are required (typically denoted with an asterisk)
• Making your "submit" button informative by indicating what will happen ("Download report now")
• Reassuring visitors their privacy will be protected

Problems With After-the-Fact Third Party Data Enrichment

Some businesses supplement the data they take in on sign-up forms with third party data they obtain after the fact. The problem with this data enrichment method is that data can go stale astonishingly fast. After just one month lead data loses accuracy, so amassing sign-up data for later submission to a data enrichment service may get you more data, but it doesn't necessarily get you better data due to the time lag involved. The quicker you enrich your data, the better.

Real-Time Data Enrichment Is Better All Around

Real-time data enrichment from a trusted source is clearly preferable to delayed data enrichment. Not only can you be confident you're getting the most accurate, up-to-date information available, you get it in real time, so you can act on leads much more promptly. Real-time data enrichment works by taking the information entered by site visitors and appending it from trusted, regularly updated records, and it happens automatically and instantly, behind the scenes.

Better Data Equals Better Leads

The higher your marketing data quality, the better lead generation efforts will be. Just as a garden needs good topsoil to produce thriving plants, your marketing strategy requires high quality data to produce satisfied customers. Lead generation often requires a careful balancing act, encouraging visitors to communicate without demanding so much of them that they're put off. Real-time data enrichment is one way smart businesses reach customers effectively so they can qualify leads and use their marketing data in the most effective ways possible.


You know the value of high quality data, and SmartForms by ReachForce is one of the most powerful ways to ensure you collect only high quality, fresh, accurate data that is as complete as possible. With constantly updated information from over 200 million global records, SmartForms is ready to enrich your leads, saving you time and helping you turn leads into loyal customers. To learn more, check out our demo, or sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how much richer and more effective your marketing data can be.

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