Monsters, Creeps, and Data-holics--Oh My! Our Reflection on the SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange 2017

After a few days of networking, learning, and attending Halloween themed parties, the marketing team here at ReachForce has been reflecting on the key takeaways of the SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange– particularly on the topic of data-driven marketing and sales strategies. This is no surprise with increasing focus on ROI, attribution, and privacy compliance for GDPR.

Every company can benefit from a data-driven approach. Each session discussed data, from using it to inform an ABM and segmentation strategy, to personalization of sales and marketing outreach-- all the way through to reliably reporting on ROI. It’s evident that in order to be successful with sales and marketing technology, teams must rely on data-backed decision making. Below we discuss some of our favorite sessions from the event. 

Welcome to the Jungle: Taming the Wild Beast of Sales Data

This lecture was an easy favorite. The presenter provided key insights regarding actionable data as a competitive advantage. There were jungle metaphors aplenty, and even a monkey or two.

Data drives it all. Using Lead Development as an example, data guides strategy by allowing the sales team to see how it has performed over the years, and where the business could benefit. It also empowers execution by providing firmographic and behavioral data--giving key insight on where the buyer is in the funnel. Lastly, it fuels analysis: outreach activity, conversion rates, and pipeline and revenue. As Sirius states, data is used to inform any closed-loop sales process by introducing relevant information into each step, allowing for steady improvement.

Where in the jungle are your sales reps? Complete and clean data helps navigate through the ambiguous, often unknown territories--giving your reps a clearer direction on who their buyer is and where they are in their journey.

Personalizing the Buyer’s Journey Without the “Creep Factor” Through Technology

Marketing personalization is incredibly popular. The days of just the simple “Hello, [name]” and calling it “personalization” are behind us.  New forms of intelligent and personalized content have become the new standard. This highly-personalized content comes in various forms, whether it through a video or purchase recommendations on your Amazon account.

The expectation of customers to have highly relevant content delivered to them means you need multiple types of data in order to develop impactful, personalized content. This includes explicit data, implicit data, and augmented data. This information can be used to create the most effective, personalized content possible. With data enrichment, companies can tell what Marketing Automation and CRM systems prospects are using. They can create content that will specifically speak to a challenge a prospect may be having with a particular aspect of their data management strategy in that tool.

Of course, data is not the only important criteria to a successful personalized campaign. With SiriusDecisions access, you can read more about it here.

Other than being data-obsessed attendees the whole time, we got to host the Welcome to Austin Happy Hour. Being Austin natives, we’re excited to show all that Austin has to offer: from the great Town Lake views to tacos, we love having people in our home town. We’re so proud of being in Austin (and having all the tacos we could ever want), we made a shirt.

Missed snagging a ReachForce “Let’s Taco ‘Bout our Data” shirt? Let us know and we will get you and your team outfitted.

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