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Marketing messaging can mean a lot of things. Positioning Statements, Message Maps, Taglines, Mission Statements and more fall into the Messaging category. Here we’re going to build on the persona work we’ve already done and share a few templates we’re using to ensure we are getting the right message to the right decision makers.

Let’s start with Positioning Statements –

A positioning statement is NOT a tagline, a slogan, a message to your prospect or customer or a business plan.

A positioning statement is a tool used by marketers to gain clarity (internal agreement) around specific value being offered to target personas. It’s used to help focus strategy so that we ensure we are addressing our target personas key problems.

A positioning statement is all of the following:

  • a description used to align all employees
  • the target audience
  • the name of the product, service, offering
  • primary benefits offered
  • a point of differentiation

Now that we are aligned internally on WHO we are selling to and HOW we position our offering, it’s time to move to the WHY – Value Propositions.

Think of a Value Proposition as a general benefit statement. It’s the 1 or 2 line description of what the company does and the value to the target market. A value proposition should answer this question: Why should I consider doing business with your company?

Value propositions should clearly frame out:

  • Target audience
  • Problem/need
  • Value drivers
  • Competitive positioning
  • Evidence to prove your claims
  • Summary statement – no more than 2 sentences

Once you’ve nailed the positioning statement and value propositions for your solutions and audiences you’re ready to start building our the program mix. Next up we’re going back to your marketing house list. Data driven marketing is tedious so we’ll mix up the creative with the analytics in coming posts.

Here’s a few more examples and best practices of messaging framework. Please share any templates you’re using!

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