Marketo User Summit 2012 Key Points

The Marketo User Summit was a phenomenal event where our team took reams of notes and came back with tons of ideas. This guest post by Melissa McCready, CRM and MA Consultant of CRM Happy, captures just a few of the high points.


Be Social, Not Anti-Social.

Social marketing means acting in a way that is socially appropriate. Beware of social marketing pitfalls that are all about Marketing 101- know your audience and provide timely, relevant content. Research metrics for when to post on social networks for the most coverage. Review key metrics since as last visits to your social sites to determine best fit and tag those folks for segmentation.

Key Takeaway: Use Marketo code on each email to include links to your social channels versus using them on templates so you can get individualized tracking.

Programs Now!

Are you using Programs yet? Do you use them enough? When I took a raise of hands of who have used Programs in our track on managing leads from events most of the room raised their hands. However, when I asked if audience members used more than 2 a month, the numbers dropped drastically.

Key Takeaway: Use Marketo Programs now because if you are not currently using Revenue Cycle Analytics, when you do turn it on, you will get retroactive reports! HUGE value!!!!

Best Practices and the Marketo Community:

Marketo University was super helpful for learning more about best practices from the basics about Email presented by Don Mayberry of Marketo, to more challenging areas such as Revenue Cycle Analytics presented by Robert Vo of Marketo. (Big shout out to both Don and Robert!)

The Market User Summit had a wide variety of topics that crossed over pretty much every facet of Marketo within Marketing.

As far as best practices go, research your options for programs. Use the Marketo Community!

Here are links to the two most powerful user help areas in the Market Community (login with your Marketo ID and Password first to get to these):

Marketo KnowledgeBase Home Page:


Marketo Masters Series:

Key Takeaway: Use the Marketo Community to find user guides and best practices. It is your best friend!


If you are a Marketo Customer, here is the link to the presentation on best practices for event management including using programs- “Summit 2012: Campaign Follow Up – What to Do with a Lead?,” data quality, using webinar integration, and reporting using Marketo and (SFDC):

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