Marketo Summit 2013 #MUS13 Insiders Guide

The Marketo User Summit in San Francisco has expanded from the original 2 days to 3 days plus and the event is so jam-packed that it's important to have a game plan to get the most out of it. Here's the run down from Mary Firme, our Chief Lead Accelerator at ReachForce.

Sunday April 7 - If you are a super-nerd like me, you may have signed up for the inaugural Marketo Individual Certification Exam. Originally scheduled to be offered on Sunday afternoon 4/7/13 and Monday 4/8/13, there are now test sessions scheduled for every day of the Summit. Benefits of taking (and passing) the exam is earning an individual credential that certifies your marketing automation skills, plus at the Summit, cost is just $125 from a planned $175. As a live-proctored exam with no outside materials allowed, finding other locations to take it may be limited. If you have a year of experience in Marketo, study up, and take the exam.

Sunday April 7 - Where to eat? Interested a real San Francisco experience? So are we - Mary Firme is planning to fill the prosciutto room at the historic North Beach restaurant with fellow Marketo University students - shoot mfirme AT an email or tweet @MaryFirme if you'd like to join in.

Monday, April 8 - Marketo University - this is a training day for marketing operations practitioners who need to understand the intricacies of forms, landing pages, reports and more. The great thing about these sessions is they will incorporate the most up-to-date features like scoring tokens that you may not have kept up to date with in your lazy, lazy life as a marketing professional. Plus, you are out of the office and no distractions.

Still looking for a hotel? The Hilton Union Square is booked - and don't go to the financial district hilton - far and in kind of an icky area. Try the Hotel Monaco - it's very close to the Hilton, and has a boutique feel.

Monday April 8 - Cocktails from 5 - 8 - Great time to get out and meet face to face with other forums friends. Maybe you can't talk to your family and friends about how cool it is to do lead gen with marketing automation, but you can here! Party happens in the sponsor pavilion - come see ReachForce at Booth 36 - we have great new solutions, but ibuprofen, which you may need later... see next item...

Monday April 8 - San Francisco Social Club - Diagonally across the street from the Hilton at Jaspers. Sponsored by the Social Club Consortium of ReachForce, LeadMD, Kapost and Readytalk. Starts at 8 p.m.  a REAL taste of San Francisco with hand-crafted foods, an oyster station from the fantastic oyster purveyors in Tomales Bay, incredible mixology drinks to celebrate the festive culture of the city by the bay, a super hot DJ and lots of other cool stuff, including the icey cool drink luge. Sign up - capacity is limited, but get your name on the list at least!

Tuesday April 9 - Drag your butt out of bed and Go to breakfast. You'll get more out of the Summit by being social and chatting with anyone you sit down to eat with. As mom says - don't skip meals, it's not good for you! ANd don't sit with people you know - what's the point?? If you drag your butt out really early, walk over to Powell street - the early bird doesn't have to wait in line for the cable car line and you can stroll back down easily if you get off at the top of the hill.

Tuesday April 9 - Sessions take place all day - plan out what you hope to attend. The Bizzabo mobile app will keep you in the loop on other participants, sessions and offers. Just download from the App store or Android marketplace.

Tuesday April 9 - Official Marketo Customer Appreciation Party - offsite. Dress up, get on the bus, and get ready to have a blast! And don't worry about being stuck all night - cabs are plentiful if you need to come back early and work on those spreadsheets! Note: O'Farrell is in the Tenderloin - not the "glamourous" part of San Francisco - heads up walking at night. You're in the city now kiddos!

Wednesday - April 10 - Morning - Rise and Shine - It's the Revvie Awards. Meet the super ninja nominees who are slaying it in Marketing Automation. ReachForce is nominated - we're excited!

Wednesday April 10, 2:30 p.m. Don't leave early! You need to visit "Tips and Tricks to a Great Set of Lead Data" and get a special handout that will help to make peace between marketing and sales data flags.

Can't Wait! See You Soon!


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